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0.9.3 fixes a bug where wire posts are sometimes not displayed

  • Nice. Other that following the instructions for how to make a standard plugin, how would one make a  plugin like this one for other common widgets (files, pages) that, like blogs and the wire, do not (by default) display the latest posts from across the site on the dashboard?

  • What would you want to display about files, pages etc? I think it would be fairly simple to do the same for files etc but what do you want to display? A new file uploaded? A new page created?

  • Yes.

    Basically, I'm trying to set up a walled garden where each of the 30 or so members would see, on his or her dashboard, what's going on around the site.

    As far as I can tell, the default setting for dashboard-displayed widgets is that people only see what they have most recently done. So for files, for example, members see only the files they have uploaded until they go to the files page and click on "all files." Ditto pages—a new member doesn't see, on the dashboard, the most recent pages their friends created, just the pages that that new member has most recently created. What I like about your widget is that I can use it to post the most recent blogs and the most recent wire updates, so it seems like a natural jumping-off point for other functions like pages, files, and events.

  • ok, seems a reasonable request. I think it should be possible to add those things to the events it looks for. I'll take a look but can't promise any schedule.

  • Thanks Codebrane. After reading a tutorial on PHP I was able to modify the wire, pages, and blog plugins to display site-wite items on the dashboard by default. The files and events plugins are built a little bit differently, so now I'm focused on figuring those out.

    Also I had a problem with this bloglatest plugin where all the icons in the river were the same as the user's profile icon—even for contributions by other users. Have you heard of that happening before?

  • Haven't heard of that but the plugin hasn't been tested on the latest Elgg

  • I downloaded bloglatest on version1.7. It is not showing the latest blogs of anyone. When I enter a username, then my own profile icon shows up in the latest posts box but nothing else. My icon does lead to my profile page. Is it possible to update this plugin to work with 1.7? This is a nice plugin to have. If not, does anyone else have a similar plugin? I could not find anything else with the search function.

  • I'll update it for 1.7 then. It works on 1.6 but haven't had a chance to test on 1.7. I'll see if I can upgrade it next week.

  • Thanks Codebrane. I will be looking forward to seeing the updated version this week. This is the last plugin I need to go public by this weekend.

  • It prolly won't be this week. I've just tried to install Elgg 1.7.1 and it's a complete mess. The links don't work, there are graphics missing and the whole system is just a complete mess. When I try to edit the dashboard the Edit page link points to javascript:void(0). If they can't release a stable version I'm not interested in writing plugins for it.

  • Well there you go, managed to sort the mess and have uploaded 1.0.0 which fixes the problems


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