Database Validator v1.3

Release Notes

For large databases, the plugin was running out of memory due to the way Elgg caches data from the database. Trying to flush caches while running now.

  • This saved the day for me Cash...Thanks!

  • will this work on elgg v1.5

  • I have not tested this on Elgg 1.5. I just looked through the code and it looks like it should. There is a validate mode you could try first. I'd definitely make a backup of the database before trying the repair mode.

  • Version 1.3 seems to run much much slower than 1.2 and often also doesn't complete the Validation runs, i.e. there's no success message about the entities checks.

  • Only difference between 1.2 and 1.3 is that the time limit is set to 0 (unlimited) and the query cache is flushed so it doesn't run out of memory on large databases.

  • I've downgraded to version 1.2 again and it really completes the validation much faster - and successfully. Could the slowness be caused due to my mysql server using a query cache >0 (default size is 0)? What exactly is a "large database", i.e. starting at how many entries might be problems to be expected?

  • @II - you've somewhat confused the two ;) -->

    (Execution) Time Limit (this can be tweaked to a level) is different from MySql Query Cache size (This cannot be touched by you if you're on a shared hosting)

  • @Dhrup:

    Cash said 1.3 flushes the query cache... that's mysql, isn't it?

    Setting of php execution time to unlimited in 1.3 also seems not to explain why this version takes much longer - and still doesn't complete sometimes. If the validation run with 1.2 would not be finished because the execution time limit is reached, it would be logical. But this version does complete... and does complete even much faster on my site.

    So... query cache of mysql. What I meant was that the default query_cache_size is 0, i.e. query cache is not used by mysql by default. I've set it to 32MB instead. So, could that explain why 1.3 has problems to complete?

  • query cache = mysql
    time limit = php exec time
    if you expect a lot of runs of the same queries -> shud use query cache to speed things up
    we use query cache of 256MB - you do not say what your specs are - cache size will depend on total ram avail and several other parms that work in concert
    why vers 1.3 takes too long/ does not seem to complete - can't say

  • Elgg caches queries on each page creation. That's the query cache that I was referring to. The best guess that I have is that my flushing is happening too often. I can tune that down in a future release.

    As to the size of the database, the maximum is determined by the amount of memory available to PHP. If 1.2 is working for you, keep using it.

  • Great.. It helped me a lot..


  • Thanks a million for this plugin, the repair function worked perfectly.

  • Cash, I'm getting the following error when I try and look at my members list.  I tried the plugin but it doesn't see the error.  Any ideas how to fix it?


    File profile/136small.jpg (file guid:0) (owner guid:136) is missing an owner!


  • hi, please helpme how to activate, the database on, my site is please visite to see the problem. i dont know what can i do, please help.

  • @Raymart: Your issue is not related to this plugin. Please create a new topic in the ELGG groups to get a solution.

    I had a look on your site. You need to get a database created first with an valid username. You should provide those details during setup.

  • @purus: think you, i try to create a new topict.

  • @puros: sorry i don't now how to create new topict bforum at this site.


    can any body help me in my problem, about the database, please............, visit my site(, my host is (,


  • Actually there is nothing that we could help. You should be creating the database with some access. Contact your host.

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