Database Validator v1.2

Release Notes

Big thanks to Brett Profitt for the code to remove incomplete entities.

  • what updates have you made on this?

  • I added Brett's code that removes incomplete entities

  • Hi Cash,

    Greetings! I've used your DB Validator plugin and everything seemed to have worked just fine until just recently I noticed I could no longer enable/disable plugins - I get a blank page instead. It must have deleted some entities or metadata to where the function that enables plugins could no longer locate them. I'm just guessing here. Do you know how to enable plugins manually? Deleting or renaming the plugins folder would disable them but it's kind of dirty I would think.

    Thank you for your time.

  • @Chombian - Don't think this has anything to do with my plugin. Try this

  • @Cash -  The link shows how to disable plugins, but do you know how to manually enable them without usign the Admin Tools?

  • Does this work with 1.7.1 ?



  • @Cash. Thank you very much for this great plugin. It help me solve the problem of "Invalid Parameters small./jpg owner missing" error that has being giving me nightmare on my site. You are doing a wonderful work.

  • I have many "File profile/small.jpg (0) is missing an owner!"

    in areas where users have been deleted.

    I had lots of spam users... so I thought I'd save some time and go to the database and remove them...

    And as you will all know this caused the above error... anywhere the users would be used, in riverdashboard, front page with the newest members widget, users in adminstration, Members area etc...

    I am able to work around it but then saw your plugin, sadly for me though it did nothing.

    I mean it did bring back 0 users.

    but surely that is wrong if I have so many "File profile/small.jpg (0) is missing an owner!"

    errors right?



  • Deleting things out of the database is a bad idea. This tool checks for 3 or 4 different conditions that either can occur or used to occur with normal use. It sounds like you deleted stuff in such a way that this is not detecting them.

  • I deleted users, directly from database.

    this then causes the above errors.

    I had multiple Adult related sites as members names for accounts, and wanted a fast way to remove them, I thought the best way was via the database, but clearly I was wrong and the error remains, I am guessing since there is no easy way to fix this, It will be used simply as a reminder not to delete users directly from the database in future.

  • @kiwi you have to retrive the deleted user add a user with the same guid in the user's talbe

  • for Cash :   Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !  perfect plugin

  • Is this plug-in compatible with 1.7.1?

    When I run validate I do not see any output past the username check.  Nothing from the entities Validation check.


    No bad usernames


  • @Patrick - uploading a new version that should work with larger databases. I think that was your issue.

  • I didn't think I had a large database, but I'll try a newer version.

    The most recent I can see is the 1.2 release.  Is there a newer version forth coming?

  • It says "The author recommends using a different release of this plugin!" but the link to the recommended release leads to this version again.

    So, is there a newer version available already or not? (Or is this an issue with the plugin repository plugin... ;) ?)

  • oddity in the plugin repository

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