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Checks your Elgg database for bad users and entities and offers the option to repair

by Cash
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There are four ways that you may receive an error about a file needing an owner:

  1. user without a username
  2. entity with owner_guid set to 0 (object or group)
  3. entity with a deleted owner
  4. entity that is missing an entry in its <type> table

These issues should not occur with normal usage of Elgg, but they do occasionally occur and I believe it probably happens due to server/database crashes. I think they are more common with cheap hosting.

This tool will analyze your database and tell you of possible problems. You can then investigate further in your database (using a tool like phpmyadmin for example). Or you can try to use the repair feature.

Be sure to backup your database before using the repair option.

If your database is very large, you may need to add a line of php code to extend the time limit for the script.

If you are not having any problems with your database, I don't recommend trying to fix it (don't fix what's not broken).

If you are having problems that are not described above, this tool won't fix them. There is no magic here.

One more thing, the repair option will set you as the owner of the orphan objects. You can then delete them or do anything else with them.

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