Release Notes

  • Generic iframe implementation framework for Elgg.
  • Instructions.
  • "Read me" file included.


0.1 Hacky iframe solution for Elgg with step by step instructions. COMPLETE.

0.2 Implement variable. Define variable manually in file. Variable may then be used by administrators and developers. Estimated release: 25 March 2010.

1.0 Variable set in admin panel. Renaming not necessary. Manual menu link still needed. Est release: April 2010.

NOTE - From 1.1 on, the plugin forks into different development branches.

1.1 Branch A. Adds link to drop down menu automatically. Additional setting for menu link name. Release TBA.

1.1 Branch B. Draws link from a specific profile field and replaces the external link with a iframe. Release TBA.

  • @Cacey, this looks like a really great roadmap... I'll be looking forward to the Branches, they look really exciting for Group or personal profile webpage links.  Thanaks for your vision.

  • i did this before you post. success in 1.6 but when i do it again in 1.7, the whole page went outside of elgg with missing css.

  • Hi Casey,

    it's a very useful plugin. Thanks a lot. May I ask about the current status of development? Does the variable for 0.2 mean Elgg variables, for example usernames? I would need a "?username=..." after the URL to be completed with the member's username, but haven't managed with my limited php knowledge so far.

  • "Mark Harding
    8 hours ago

    to call the username in elgg it is $_SESSION['user']->username; or $vars['user']->username"

    Try to manupulate that and put it at the end of the url accordingly


  • Thanks. I got it running in the meantime with:

    <div align="center"><iframe src="http://www.domain.url/scriptname.php?username=<?php echo $_SESSION['user']->username; ?>" frameborder="0" width="946" height="600" scrolling="no"></iframe></div>

    Unfortunately, I currently have a little problem with the flash app (Tufat's Flashchat) covering the header menu's dropdown menus. I guess I can only solve this by adjusting wmode in Flashchat though.

  • I tried this and it blanked out my site till I turned it off.... Pages never showed up - you need to streamline this and fix the bugs

  • This is definitely something I am looking for as I have a wiki on my site and also a couple of other spots where I could definitely use this to add features to my site while keeping the look and feel consistent but unfortunately, I cannot get it to work with 1.7.

    Anybody able to get it working with 1.7 yet?



  • Sorry that I've been AWOL all.

    For blank pages and newly opened pages with messed up CSS, the problem is mostly likely a CSS conflict between your Elgg site and the site you are trying to frame. This is a known problem with framing some items in Joomla, for example. The same holds true for Elgg.

    For those having problems in 1.7, please try 1.7.1. I found that resolved some issues for me. If you are (still) experiencing problems under 1.7.1, please describe the issue and copy/paste any error messages here.


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