au_blog_widget v1.6.1.3

Release Notes

Supports Elgg version: 1.6.1.

Replaces a piece of code which caused blog comments to disappear due to some odd coding choices in core 1.6.1; previous versions of this widget set the view metadata to 'object/blog' -- the default for blogs -- which resulted in comments not being displayed, unlike for blog posts with no 'view' metadata set.

If you have had blog comments disappear, the preferred method to fix those posts is to simply view them through the updated blog widget; this removes the offending metadata using the Elgg API.

Unfortunately, if your users have too many "damaged" blog posts to view through the widget, you may consider deleting metadata for those blog posts of the form 'view' => 'object/blog'.


Step 1: Backup your database!

Please please please please backup your database if you are going to delete rows directly; unfortunately, I can't guarantee that this solution is 100% safe/correct.


Step 2: find offending metadata

select  from elgg_metadata as a, elgg_metastrings as b, elgg_metastrings as c where b.string='view' and a.name_id = and c.string='object/blog' and a.value_id =


Step 3: delete offending metadata

delete from elgg_metadata where id in (results from step 2)

Brian Jorgensen

I have 14 years experience with open source web development programming and am available for fulltime or contract Elgg programming, customization, and installation work.


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