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by dudi
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sorry aber mein englisch ist super schlecht :)

Ich wollte euch mein Layout als dankeschön geben.

Das Layout unterstütz Costum index

Danke an alle für die Hilfe

How to edit:

  •  Change the header bar menu

Go to community/views/default/page_elements/header_contents.php

edit the 59 and 60 with youre text.

<ul class="topbardropdownmenu">    <li class="drop">    <a href="#">Youre text</a>       <ul>       <li><a href="<?php echo $_SESSION['user']->getURL(); ?>">Youre text</a> </li>      <?php            foreach($alphamenu as $item) {                echo "<li><a href=\"{$item->value}\">" . $item->name . "</a></li>";            }      ?>      </ul>    </li></ul>

That was all

Thanks for all youre helps :)



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