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A simple hack to internationalize the original External Pages plugins by Curverider

by Mote
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It's my first plugin or the be honest it's a simple hack to internationalize the original External Pages plugin by Curverider.


This plugin requires the TranslationBrowser plugin v2.1b by Translation Browser Team


I don't know why, but the TidyPics plugins is in conflict with this plugin and others. How ? It's impossible to translate any page with the translator_selector plugin when you are not logged :( I don't understand yet why but if you have any idea. Let me know or the TidyPics plugin author(s)  :)


This plugin works with the Elgg core 1.6.1 and the TranslationBrowser plugin 2.1b. I don't try it with others Elgg Core or TranslationBrowser version.


I let you see by yourself the differences between the original plugin and this hack :) It's a diet story :P


Copy paste the plugin folder in your mod folder and remove/backup the original External Pages plugin

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Thanks to Elgg community


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