Custom White Theme 1.1RC (ver 1.6.1+)

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Custom White Theme RC - This is a release candidate for Elgg ver 1.6.1+

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Custom White Theme for Elgg is based off of Pete Harris’s, Elgg example theme framework (1.0)

Originally Custom White Theme was written for Elgg V1.5, when ver 1.6.1 was released three issues arose. 


  1. The drop-down menu on the topbar doesn’t work.
  2. The collapsible boxes don't collapse and the ‘Edit’ panel doesn't work.
  3. The members cannot drag-and-drop the widgets on their profile-page and re-design its structure.

I have not checked to confirm these errors or any other errors, hence the RC version. Feel free to test this theme on any version and post any errors you find on the official Custom White Theme Page (follow the URL to the left under "Info").

Thanks for testing!

 (Special thanks to Shouvik- for providing the upgrade instructions)



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