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Universal Joomla User Integration

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Supercharge your Elgg site by adding the content management software Joomla to your site. JFusion is an very advanced universal integration tool for Joomla that supports the integration of many different softwares into Joomla, including Elgg.

Jfusion has a very large development team of 8 developers, has been developed since 2008 and has a large support community. JFusion works without any modifcations to Elgg and can be setup from the Joomla administrator panel.

At the moment the main features for Elgg are usersync and dual login. You can even use JFusion to expand your Elgg site with a phpbb3 forum. More features are being developed for Elgg at lightning speed, with full visual integration being released in the near future. Since jfusion supports 12+ softwares, you can choice from a whole range of softwares to integrate elgg with.

* Checkout www.jfusion.org for more details

* JFusion Elgg Support forum: http://www.jfusion.org/index.php/forums/viewforum.php?f=54

* User reviews on: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/bridges/authentication-bridges/3723

* Review by Elgg user: http://www.elggexchange.com/blog-479-elgg-and-joomla-together-at-last

* note that this is a Joomla component and needs to be installed in Joomla

* current limitation is that softwares need to be on the same server. Upcoming JFusion 2.0.0 will work cross server and cross domain


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