Market plugin v1.9.1

Release Notes

First Elgg 1.9 release

  • Added an optional location field
  • Added some logic to form
  • Fixed some errors (thank you for reporting these)
  • Moved javascript out of form so it can be cached by Elgg

Works for me on a vanilla Elgg 1.9.1, but please test before putting into production!

Feedback is always welcome :)


  • Brilliant update thanks, but how do i change the categories from saying, =

    • market:category:Appliances
    • market:category:Baby
    • market:category:Books
    • market:category:Beauty
    • market:category:Cars
    • market:category:Clothing
    • market:category:Collectables
    • market:category:Computers
    • market:category:Electricals
    • market:category:Electronics
    • market:category:Games
    • market:category:Garden
    • market:category:Home
    • market:category:Jewellery
    • market:category:Kitchen
    • market:category:Mobiles
    • market:category:Pets
    • market:category:Toys
    • market:category:Vehicles
    • market:category:Wanted

    And just have the actual category such as 'Cars'?? Will recommend once fixed :)

  • @Vextah - as it says on the plugin settings page: "put them in your language files as:

    "market:category:Wanted" => "Wanted"

    "market:category:Wanted" => "Søges"

    That should give the result you expect:-)

  • // Categories
        'market:category:Appliances' => "Appliances",
        'market:category:Baby' => "Baby",
        'market:category:Books' => "Books",



  • Thank you for updating the Market plugin. I was waiting because I will use this wonderful plugin in my community. Congratulations for the wonderful work.

  • slyhne Thank you for spending your valuable time to upgrade this good plugin to 1.9. We all appreciate it. 

  • You mean in categories from line 167? Continue there with my own additions?

  • Got it, Brilliant update :)

  • Just an idea, but when u click agree to terms before u post, would it be possible to bring up a popup window / box with the terms in?? Rather than have it goto a blank page with just a few lines on?

  • @Vextah - actually the terms should open up in colorbox. The link has class='elgg-lightbox' and open fine here. Have you made any changes to the colorbox implementation, or are you using a plugin that does that?

    How it looks here:

  • Cheers for updating the Market plugin! I'm just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue as mine, when I try to upload an image via mobile phone.. Everything works fine using the web browser, but when I try to upload a photo from my mobile phone (iPhone>iOS 8), it just keeps on spinning and nothing happens....

  • ... well, after investigating.. it appears to be a bug with the  new IOS 8... <sigh>

  • Hmmm for some reason the first time i clicked it it opened a new tab... works as it should do now :)


    Thanks for this :)

  • using elgg 1.8.19    i'm having the same issue as vextah.....even after you put in in the language file.

    This is what the ad looks like

    Category: market:category:Grow Equipment

    how do I fix this. putting in the language file doesn't fix it


  • Dodobird, go into admin, dashboard, flush caches then upgrade. The php file isnt being refreshed just by uploading it.

  • When creating a new market add, the categories are underneath  user links. I have tried with multiple themes and result is the same. Dont know if anyone else has picked up on this. The only file i changed is the .php to change categories like in posts above this 1.

  • Also when browsing the market there are no categories to choose from


  • hmmm my images dont seem to be showing in these comments...

  • @Dodobird - remember to use the right version! If you are using Elgg 1.8.19 then please use version 1.8.3 of the market plugin

    @Vextah - Does the plugin work on a plain vanilla Elgg 1.9 installation?

  • yes with same results. standard 1.9.2 with default theme, all other 3rd party plugins deactive.

  • @Vextah - I'm not sure what your problem is, I have no issues browsing the market with the categories showing up in the sidebar using it with both plain vanilla Elgg and a highly customized one.

    Regarding categories showing up underneath pagelinks in the sidebar there is a solution, but you'll have to do it yourself:

    In start.php in the market_page_handler function you can insert this line just before "switch ($page_type) {"

        // Show market sidebar at top of sidebar
        elgg_extend_view("page/elements/sidebar", "market/sidebar", 100);

    Next you'll have to remark this line from all files in the directory mod/market/pages/market:

    // Show market sidebar
    //$sidebar = elgg_view("market/sidebar");

    Hope that helps.

  • No categories.


    Misplaced categories.

  • @Vextah - "Misplaced" categories can be fixed using the guide in my previous message, that should also fix any issue you have with missing categories.

    Btw, misplaced is a matter of opinion and not an error, you can always recode the plugin so it suits you better.

  • Thanx vextah and slyhne, however @ vextah... I did flush and upgrade. same issue.

    @slyhne..... I am using market 1.8 .3. heres a pic to show what I still get. Is this what its supposed to look like?

    Here's the code....

    // Categories
     'market:category:equipment' => "Grow Equipment",
     'market:category:supplies' => "Grow Supplies",
            'market:category:merchandise' => "MMJ Merchandise",
            'market:category:misc' => "Misc",


  • old market post are not getting deleted using daily cron. any Idea

    I enabled to delete after 12 months and i have a daily cron running too


  • never mind... market deletion is working..

    you did not add a limit => 0 value in the entities fetch.. so only first 10 market items where getting deleted each time cron runs


  • Category: eCommerce
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-9-9
  • Downloads: 23366
  • Recommendations: 69

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