Market plugin v1.8f

Release Notes

The errors some have with terms and urls's is hopefully fixed in this release - Anyway, it's working here on Elgg 1.8.2

Removed some obsolete files


  • Hi

    When I upload an image and then I click on picture the first time that picture open in fancy it has the 600px size but my picture has different size and the size of some of them are large, but fancy box shows the 600px size of image, If I close the window and I click on image ine the second time, it shows the image size correctly.

    I don't khnow why this happen and how can I fix that?

  • Another problem is when I go to a  user page(for example user1) and then I  click on files menu the files of user1 is appeared, but when I click on market that shows all of product not user1's profile.

  • Hello. I suddenly started having the error:

    WARNING: Deprecated in 1.8: Use associative array of attr => val pairs instead of $vars['js'] Called from .....[mysite]/views/default/input/form.php:42

    I say "suddenly" but I have not used this plugin since 1.8.9 upgrade. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • Some have an Translation in German for this plugin?

  • Brilliant plugin, just what i needed for my social site. One small query tho.. How can i stop ad's / comments ion ad's etc... from being posted to the activity / river??

    Any help is very appreciated :)


    Recommended ;)

  • Hi Vextah

    You can disable river announcements by commenting the add_to_river calls in the actions. That should take care of the river post about new/updated ads.

    Haven't really looked into disabling comments from being announced in river, but register an event in start and create a function that returns false when subtype is 'market':

    Inside market_init function:


    Then define a a new function in the bottom of start.php

    function market_disable_river_announcement($event, $type, $object) {

           if (elgg_instanceof($entity, 'object', 'market')) {

                    return false;


             return true;


    the above isn't tested, but should give you an idea about how to do it.

    And please do consult the docs:

  • I need some help, please. When I try to create a new market post and I need to select a category, my dropdown list looks like this "market:category:furniture". I had the same problem with the sidebar but I found a solution here :

    "Problem can be solved follow this way:

    edit "market\views\default\market\menu.php"

    find "  'title' => elgg_echo("market:{$category}"),  " at line 23

    instead :  "          'title' => elgg_echo("{$category}"),  "

    Probably it's something similar for the dropdown list too, but I don't know what .php file to edit, I looked everywhere...

  • You need to add

    "market:category:furniture" => "Fancy Funriture",

    to your language files, the market:cat:furn is just an untranslated string, same goes for your former problem, your solution solves the string issue, but made your categories untranslateble...


  • Thanks a lot Dries, it works great now. Also, I just saw the same indications on the "Settings" page...(quadruple facepalm)

  • Hello is there any way i can allow users to sell things on my website and i can get commission and a user also get paid?


    At the moment the commission doesn’t work 100% of the time, it requires users to click 'cancel and return' on paypal, after their purchase, i need to make it work 100% of the time and enable auto redirect back to site after paypal purchase,


    really stuck with this issue and we need to get it working properly before we can implement a few required site features


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-9-9
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