Market plugin v1.8f

Release Notes

The errors some have with terms and urls's is hopefully fixed in this release - Anyway, it's working here on Elgg 1.8.2

Removed some obsolete files


  • Hi Slyhne,

    i have installed this version in my dev environment and so far, no changes with the links in the description of an ad. I can not really identify the issue right now, if it is the plugin or any modification i did.

    I am using latest elgg build (1.8.2 official release) with a purity theme and a load of plugins. I will try to test it on a clean install but maybe you can identify the problem faster than me.

    If possible can you say something about additionall images, adding a cronish remove of the ads and showing statistics which user bought what from whom? Are you planning to implement these? Would be great to know :)

    Cheers, and thank you for the best ecommerce plugin available !

  • any way to change the css to basicly have a gallery view insted of a list view on in all.php?

  • Thanks a lot, it's a nice plugin!

    It's bassicly everything I need, but I have a few questions, and I don't really know how muich work it would be to change the script to my needs.
    Does anyone want to help me with it?

    My questions are:
    1. When I upload a big picture, it doesn't get resized appearently, when I click the thumbnail the pop-up box opens with the original image and it shows huge with scrollbars in the pop-up.
    2. I'd really like to have an interaction with tidypics. It would be wonderfull if users could just select an image from the tidypics gallery they have to sell, instead of having to upload a new image.

    Can anyone tell me in what direction I have to think to change this?


  • Can we add the % commission deducted from seller to give the ELGG web owners?

  • @SksLink - you can add anything you want, it's open source :-)

  • How can I change the output to plaintext?

    If I use longtext or leave at it is, it will strip my text, if I use plaintext, it shows a blank text, I dont know what's going wrong, can you help me?

  • @Spike

    I see the problem. I'll release a fix in the near future.

  • @Spike

    You can fix it by changing line 80 in market/views/default/object/market.php

    if ($allowhtml != 'yes') {


    if (elgg_get_plugin_setting('market_allowhtml', 'market') != 'yes') {


  • when i went to activate the plugin it says " Invalid manifest file for plugin market" pls tell me how to fix it

    i am useing 1.8.3 with purity theme


  • @Sirgoodman

    I'm using it on 1.8.3 without problems - are you using the correct version (1.8f) and are you sure there isn't any permissioning problems or missing manifest.xml?

  • yes permissions are same as other plugins and the manifest is 1.8f and in the sites mods folder the market plugin main folder and sub folder and file name fonts color are kind off green shade. they are not normal black fonts.

  • Is it possible you could put a watermark option in the plugin? Like if you want to sell pictures?

  • Another question, how would i make it so users can upload any kind of files to the market?

  • watermarks -- have a look thru /tidypics/lib/watermark.php to see what kind of code is needed to do (GD Graphics) watermarking for images. Market will still need extra custom code to handle the trigger for 'image goods' - i.e. to detect that a product is an image and trigger the watermarking logic for it - for the online/thumbnails displays before the real image is bought.

  • @Sirgoodman

    What you descibes sounds like permissioning problems, maybe with the ownership of the files.

    $Flexx - feel free to modify the plugin to include what you need. The watermark thing would be cool, so please contribute back so others can benfit from your findings.

  • "slyhne" Thank you for the response. you are correct it was the permission problem. it was set on "read" and "encrypted" folder. when i unchecked both, i was able to activate the plugin. Thank you

  • Hi,

    I downloaded the plugin. When I try to upload an image, there is a problem with the thumbnail..Nothing gets displayed..I would appreciate if anybody could help with that.

    Thank you.

  • Hi, 1st off Alls good and seems to work well with a few test ad's. 2nd I really am a noob at this stuff! Is there a way to take the word "Market" off the category tabs??  If soo WHERE PLEASE?? ver market 1.8f



  • does this work on 1.8.3?

  • in ELGG 1.8.4 filtering of the categories are not working properly..... categories name appears like market:sell, market:computers etc..

    I already have entered this in language file... and was working  fine till i updated to 1.8.4... Please look into this problem... 

    thank you...

  • Hi,

    For page not found problem which i showed in the previous release can be solved easily by adding

    return true;

    before the closing curly bracket of function market_page_handler($page) { at line 95.

    thank you.... please fix the filtering problem of category tabs...

  • Hi,Satheesh PM

    in ELGG 1.8.4 filtering of the categories are not working properly..... categories name appears like market:sell, market:computers etc..


    Problem can be solved follow this way:

    edit "market\views\default\market\menu.php"

    find "  'title' => elgg_echo("market:{$category}"),  " at line 23

    instead :  "          'title' => elgg_echo("{$category}"),  "




  • Tnx slyhne for this plugin. It almost gives all I was looking for. I would like a option to add more photo' s to an item and perhaps you can add something extra to allow posters to give information about the shipment of the item, pick up at home, by mail after payment andso.


    Keep uit the good work!  :)

  • Using elgg 1.8.5 and on the market page it is showing two pages on the market page one says that the page cannot be found.


  • Category: eCommerce
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-9-9
  • Downloads: 23707
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