Market plugin v1.8.3

Release Notes

Just minor bug fixing found in version 1.8.2

  • Fixed some deprecated errors (thanks to Baradhili)
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Xavier)
  • Added auto delete to list of features

Please test before putting into production!


  • hi I am having some issue with your plugin

    on the market category i got this


    I was expecting getting something like



    without market:category


    thank you

  • @daniel

    Just checked my setup, and the below settings are working for me.

    In plugin settings in the categories field I have: car, house, pc, bike

    In the language file I have this:

        // Categories
        'market:category:car' => "Cars",
        'market:category:house' => "Houses",
        'market:category:pc' => "Computers",
        'market:category:bike' => "Bikes",

  • I had to downgrade to 1.8.2.. When uploading images (6mb in size) it was not displaying. I just get the "?" image displayed.

    My PHP config is OK for these size images. It works on 1.8f and 1.8.2 versions.



  • This is a comment more that a bug which impacts 1.8.2 and .3

    Does it make sense when you have a Free category as default to make price mandatory..

    Also seems if you put 0 in the price (i.e. free) it does not accept. 

    I removed the mandatory status in /actions/save.php and also /views/default/forms/market/save.php and all seems good..




  • Plug-In works Ok and it is really great: 

    Future improvements could be : 

    1. "Location" field  for collect the goods. Event better if linked with other map plug in. 

    2. "how to be contact " field : PC, phone call, skype  etc

    3. Automatically set "0" in Price field when selected free category.

    4. Remove price when Swap category is selected . 

    Let me say that it is really easy to write what other shoud do. :-)



  • Hello 

    I think it should have a BUY button to close the application, where the vendor and the client receives an email confirmation

  • Dear @slyhne,
    I have some problems with the plugin, when I create an article around the market and I click Save, the page does nothing and does not save the article.
    You know what the problem may be?

  • This was brilliant for 1.8, any chance of an update for 1.9+ plz??

  • @Marco - thank you for the suggestions, I'll look into those next time I do updates.

    @Thiago - I'll see if this is doable.

    @Jordi - I have no idea, maybe a conflict with another plugin?

    @Vextah - Patience, it's a work in progress :-)

  • For some reason, it's not compatible with Tom's website anti-spam and hammer plugin "gutwahammer". When the plugin is enabled, market images doesn't load at all when you're not logged in to the site and of course, loads normally when you logged in. I had to disable the plugin as I have no workaround for this. The 1.8f version though is still compatible.

  • Porque no puedo colocar este codigo de paypal???? en la descripción del producto???

  • Thank you slyhne for taking care of this plugin.

    If I am not wrong, the "post type" was introduced in 1.8.3. I have noticed that the language file has a entry in settings to disable the post types. But I could not find it in the settings. Where to set it off?

    I seem to have the same issue as daniel. That is, categories are displayed as "market:category:car" rather than "Cars". In the language file it is defined as "'market:category:car' => "Cars". What am I doing wrong?

    Does this version make any specific changes on the database? If I downgrade to 1.8.2, would there be issues?


  • On the Add form, the default noimage 3 thumbnail seems to be broken as the image doesn't show.... could someone recommend a fix?


  • Category: eCommerce
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-9-9
  • Downloads: 23525
  • Recommendations: 69

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