Market plugin v0.9.5

Release Notes

Tested on version 1.7

Cleaned up some code.


  • Hello, thx for this plugin, I like it a lot but I have problem, categories wan't work, when i click in category on my market it don't gives me back results, only something like "Results for market:buy". In widgets don't show categories of items too.  I don't know how to fix it. I'm new with elgg and I will start learning soon.  I've got Release - 1.7, version - 2010030101. If someone could help me I'll be very gratefull. Thanx a lot.


  • Hi! I use your plugin  to list jobs, can you help me integrate an 'Apply for job' button which will send a message to the ad poster?

  • @whatevermike

    Did you create some market categories under administration?

    The reason for search results returning "Results for market:buy" is that search tags aren't translated. If you only have one language, then create your categories with the correct word (eg. Buying, Selling etc.).

    The problem with missing category in the widget was in an older version, are you using the newest version?




  • @spacemanjason

    That could be done, but it would take me some time to implement and time is not my biggest resource ;-)

  • If anyone can show me in thr right direction would be great 


  • How do I remove comments form posts? any idea please?

  • @spacemanjason

    Again, that could be done, but it would take me some time to implement and time is not my biggest resource ;-)

    You could take a look in the blog plugin, you can find the logic to make it a user selectable feature in the code.

  • Hi, I want to create a site with classifieds. This plugin is good, but lacks the following things:

    1) additional fields from the product description (condition, shipping)

    2) display classifieds - search listings, there is no: (price, description, user icon)

    3) allocation of goods in category

    4) increase the item icon in the search results to 100px.

    I want to use your plugin in my shop, but the lack of these things makes your plugin is useless. Please help. I do not want to use a different plugin than yours.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hmmm, I'll look into these changes - keep an eye out for an update here :-)

    Donations welcome *wink*

  • All rights, thanks. And one more thing. For good appearance you must change look the market cateogry. When you are in the market category classifieds listing are different that in page "ALL MARKET POST".  This is a bad thing when you create 2 different layouts for listings. Save only one look.

  • Uploaded new version (1.0b). This version is BETA and for Elgg 1.7 only!

    Please do not use in production until all bugs has been fixed.

    I'll only do bug fixing, this version is frozen regarding new features!

  • Would love to use this but I get the WSOD when its enabled on my 1.5 installation.

  • wsod = php syntax error... always is ;-)

  • @jededitor

    Well, if you''re running version 1.0b on Elgg 1.5 you are in for trouble ;-)

    I do not have a 1.5 installation to test anything on, so can't really help you out...


  • jim ;-)

    i just fixed the wsod on my v1.5

    2 min job

    ping me @ my email and after dinner i is gonna send u the fix


  • @DhrupDeScoop

    You could also post the fix here for all the 1.5 users ;-)

  • @SlYhNe -- > I did not have 1 v1.5 installation to test on either ;-) I just read thru the v1.7 dependant code and thought about about "why" that code might spit out a WSOD... If the Market PlugIn's API calls were demarcated via fetching the Elgg version first - you could code for both v1.7 and earlier versions. and  the PlugIn would work both ways ;-)

  • Hi mate,

    version 1.0b works so far fine on my Elgg 1.7. I just have some minor things. Please see the little arrow on this picture. You will understand ;-)

    Cheers and thanks for the great work,


  • @Hekolo

    I have seen the same on IE. The solution is to edit mod/market/views/default/market/css.php

    In this section try to give "min-heigth" a few more pixels (2-5)

    .market_title_owner_wrapper {
    margin-bottom: 10px;
    padding:0 0 0 10px;
    background-color: #eeeeee;


  • @slyhne: Thanks mate!!! All the best from Elgg "undeveloped" Australia ;-)

  • @slyhne: Works! Now how can I get this whole section a bit further up? In the pciture you will see that there is quite a big white gap between the section and the main market title.

    .market_title_owner_wrapper {
        margin-bottom: 10px;
        padding:0 0 0 10px;
        background-color: #eeeeee;

    Next, just as idea...I would love to see a possibility to create a photo album for the items for sell. Maybe you could connect the plugin to tidypics?


    Where can I donate?



  • Well, if you won't be using the custom chooser (dropdown) in the settings, then you can remove it from /mod/market/views/default/object/market.php 

    Simply comment out line 90 so it will look like this:

    //echo "<br>";

    There is a donation link in the info box in the left hand side on this page... And here :


  • @slyhne, I'm using the 3 column mainpage from vazco and the riverdashboard plugin. The My Market widget does not appear on the Widget Gallery with the other mainpage widgets in this case. It is present on the Profile Widgets and the Pulpit widgets pages but it will not show up anywhere on the site.

  • Hi sunwest

    I haven't coded this vazco's riverdashboard in mind (as I'm not using it), so I'm not sure I can help you out.

    Maybe you should take a look at those widgets that do work and create your own.

    This is the call to get market posts from all users for Elgg 1.5:
    $posts = get_entities('object','market',0,$num,false,false,false);

    And this one is for 1.7:
    $posts = elgg_get_entities(array('type'=>'object','subtype'=>'market','limit'=>$num));

    Hope that helps


  • Category: eCommerce
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-9-9
  • Downloads: 23770
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