Release Notes

Fixed issues in several places.

All donators now works

Member list shows donation status

Profile shows donation status

Tested on Elgg 1.8.8

To upgrade from older version:

  1. Deactivate old plugin
  2. Delete old plugin folder
  3. Install new version
  4. Activate and check settings.
  5. Maybe flush cache to be sure.
  • My 1 cent here @ura soul, great idea but each single donation option should be possible for admin to (de)activate because in my case for example I would use only a couple of them

    I also mentioned a couple of things above, I am the only one experiencing them?


  • I set someone as a donator to test this feature. Can I remove their donator status again? I see no such option anywhere.

  • I agree that bitcoins would be a great option along with the ability to enable and disable other options.  For my use all I'd want to use are bit coins.

  • Also I haven't checked the plugin (I need Bitcoin) other than the screen shots but another good option would be to the allow the user to specify whether to stay anonymous or not using a checkbox.  Hopefully one of us or the author can get it done. :)


  • Where uin the world do you have to add those 3 lines for setting up this plug in?

    The author says:

    To get this plugin to show in the sidebar of a page you have point to it. See example below:

    $sidebar = elgg_view("donation/sidebar");

    $params = array('content' => $content, 'title' => $title, 'sidebar' => $sidebar);

    $body = elgg_view_layout('one_sidebar', $params);

  • I dont get it to work in socialize theme.. copyd the code intoo:

    Plugin is enabled but in the side bar just display the code I copyd.





    $sidebar = elgg_view("donation/sidebar"); $params = array('content' => $content, 'title' => $title, 'sidebar' => $sidebar); $body = elgg_view_layout('one_sidebar', $params);


    This code displaying in my side bar.


    Best regards,


  • @Pala Delete your edits and add this line to start.php in your theme init function,

    elgg_extend_view('page/elements/sidebar', 'donation/sidebar');

  • Somebody knows how can I hide donators for public, for other members of the site? Make it private? Sow that persons who want to donate have theyr privacy? If I put "off" on the sidebar option there is no any way to make the donation...


    Every answer is welcome and helpfull.

  • Possible to add widget to dashboard using widget manager dashboard!!!!

  • @LT You will have to add it manually to the widget layout or create a widget yourself - it's not meant to be a widget!

  • Noticed since someone donated that it doesn't notify you of who has donated so how am I to know who to mark as donated?

  • I cant get this to show on my site plugin is active and code for paypal button in my settings!

  • This is how my site views it..

  • @Frank - have you tried setting the plugin options and save them?

  • @Frank - could be. Try and disable the river add on plugin and see if that helps.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-10-1
  • Downloads: 6110
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