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allows you to geoposicionate every object/user/group on elgg

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This plugin allows you to geoposicionate every object/user/group on elgg.

You will not need to install another plugin to make it works, you just have to enable it like another normal plugin.

-The possibility of geopositionate the groups and any elgg object.
-If a group or an object is not geopositionated then that object is going to take the user owner possition.

Here some more information about it:


    * Unzip the file to the elgg/mods/ directory.
    * Go to your Elgg tools administration section, find the new tool, and
      enable it.     
    * Get an API key from Google Map (if you don't have one)
      * Enter the API key on the administration tools plugin settings.  
    * Enjoy.

    * The plugin is enable by default for users and groups, but to make it work in objects (files, blogposts, pages)
      there is something else to do, we have to:
          * On "start.php" under "geolocation_pagesetup" function, then will look for $allowed_contexts and we add to
              the array the context where we will add, edit, and show the objects.
              As an example, for the file plugin we add, edit and show the objects on the same context, file.
          * This is an example to show up how to modify a view file from the file plugin, this will enable the geolocalization of object furthermore than getting the owners geolocalization.
          //Show the map for geotagging
        if (isset($vars['entity'])) {
            $entity = $vars['entity'];
        $form_body .= "<p>";
        $form_body .= "<label>" . elgg_echo('location') . "</label>";
        $form_body .= elgg_view('input/geomap', array(
            'value' => $location,
            'classname' => 'register_map',
            'entity' => $entity
        $form_body .= "</p>";
        echo $form_body;
        *This is to draw the map on the object view.
        echo "<p>" . elgg_echo('location') . "<p>";
        echo elgg_view('output/geomap', array('value' => $location, 'entity' => $file));
** TODO **
    * Profile manager support.
    * Site access support.


v0.1b (2010-01-29)
    * First beta release.

Pedro Prez

elgg developer / php / ajax and more


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