Modified Messages plugin using an extensible object oriented controller

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Concept test for extensible object oriented plugin controllers instead of separate page controllers.

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Warning: this plugin is not intended for real use. It's only for demostrating an extensible object oriented alternative controller for plugins. It works without any change in Elgg core.It must not be used in a production site because it was not fully tested.


The concept is explained here:

This is a modified version of the Messages plugin. Upload it as usual, preferably over a clean Elgg 1.7a installation. But you won't see many visual differences, main changes are in the code, look in the plugin root folder.The modification are (besides some bug fixes):

  • There are no page controllers (index.php, send.php, sent.php, read.php)
  • There is only one controller class for the whole plugin.
  • Every page has a class method for its rendering.
  • There is a controller base class where there are some common tasks (currently in the plugin folder, but it should be in a common location).
  • Plugin page_handler only instantiates the controller class and calls its 'run' method.
  • The run method does the page handler task and call the right page method.
  • Plugin menu was moved to controller for allowing extending.
  • There is a custom controller class for easy extensibility. The page_handler in start.php always calls it, although there are not any extending.
  • In the custom controller sample there are a couple of basic method extending for demonstration.
  • The original plugin mixed /mod/ and /pg/ urls, all were converted to /pg/ ones.


I'm an architect, but I have been working in software development and user interaction design for a couple of decades.


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