Video Conference v2.2

Release Notes

  • Description can be specified for each room and also shows in chat.
  • Rooms show in latest activity (global).
  • Room links work fine for rooms with special characters, upper case.
  • Users can't register room names that are already in use.
  • Current user room shows in rooms list in addition to public rooms.


  • looks great, cant wait to give it a try.  Many thanks :-)

  • if im using red5, what i need to change in the settings.php file?? locally red5 with this plugin in elgg works perfect in my server, but remote don't works

    what i need to change in the line


  • Follow step 1 of instructions and see page that explains how to setup the rtmp application on rtmp servers. After doing that you should be able to use rtmp://localhost/videowhisper if you installed it ok. Localhost server will not be accessible by other computers.

  • Hi, I managed to install the plugin and load it succesfully in elgg. However there are problems functioning.

    1) When more than one user joins the chat room, they don't appear on the users list area.

    2) The chat windows does not allow input, i.e. i cannot type anything.

    3) The 'Room' list is empty even when i created more than one chat rooms.

    4) When i click the 'Send' button in the chat window, I get the following php error

    >PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  room in /var/www/secure/mod/videoconference/vw_files.php on line 3, referer:

    5) After the flash object loads on screen i start to get errors like these in my server log every 10 seconds

    > PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant r - assumed 'r' in /var/www/secure/mod/videoconference/vc_status.php on line 11

    >PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant s - assumed 's' in /var/www/secure/mod/videoconference/vc_status.php on line 12

    when i change those to 'r' instead of r in vc_status.php the errors go away.

    6) I cannot upload any files through the upload button. When I click upload, I get the following php error

    >PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  room in /var/www/secure/mod/videoconference/vw_upload.php

    Basically the entire plugin does not work. Am I missing some configuration steps? What can I do to fix these problems?

  • You need to disable notice reporting for php.

    These php settings are required for this implementation:
    - error_reporting E_ALL  ^ E_NOTICE
    - short_open_tag On

    Also this currently works with Elgg 1.6.1 . A new edition will be required for Elgg 1.7 due to the new security tokens that are required.

  • i already install red5 in a CentOS and i'm able to go http://ip:1935 and see the demos, the problem is when i go to a room in elgg say NetConnection.Connect.Failed, i already try to put this line in settings


    and always say the connection is failed, any idea txtan???

  • Follor RTMP Application Setup instructions .

    You need videowhisper rtmp application installed on red5 to call it as $rtmp_server="rtmp://[ip]/videowhisper";

    :1935 is not required because that's the default rtmp port

  • ohh cool, did work for me, at this moment i'm testing the demo and looks works all

  • can't wait for the 1.7 version of this plugin

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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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