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I had to add the Flowplayer JavaScript within the view because a JavaScript link was causing the web address to show up in weird places.

  • I was just curious to see if there is any more development on this plugin for version 1.8 (namely 1.8.3 and above). I am rather dissapointed by the Elgg's un-ability to play media files (or show a thumbnail image) that are uploaded to the "Files" Section. That is why I am watching the development of this plugin so closely and carefully. See, my server is incapable of using ffmpeg to convert videos using other video uploading software offered here (like izap's), even though it is capable of handling the bandwidth of uploading videos. Therefore, I just need a reliable video player plugin like this one to work with playing my uploaded video files in the "Files" section for Elgg version 1.8.3... I am sure that I am not alone with these needs. I would love to hear back about this. Thank you for making what sounded like a solid program that ppl needed and wanted. Cheers.

  • I am running 1.8.3 and this plugin (meant for 1.6 originally) works better than the above plugin. It plays FLV files in the File area, but I still cannot get MP4 files to play, regardless of how i set the etags and memory and upload limits in the .htaccess file. I am trying different methods of encoding test MP4 files to ensure the best compatibility, but it still fails. The above plugin installs fine, and it is nice knowing that it is meant for 1.8, but it does not play either FLV or MP4 videos in the file section. I cannot find any support on the webgalli plugin above, nor any comments about getting it to work.

    I wish I was able to figure out the programming. I would love to get a simple video player to work for the Files area that could work for FLV and MP4 files, in addition to other common file formats (without asking too much). I am hoping that there was enough demand for this to be implimented properly for 1.8 or by it being looked into being added to 1.9. There are tons of vloggers and small hobbyists that like to share media and not have to tell their members to do too much conversion before hand and viewers to download the file (without a thumbnail) in order to play it on their pc. Thank you so much :)

  • I made this plugin:

    since i need it too, it uses flowplayer too, hope that you can find it useful. :)

  • so i saw on flow players website that that have the ability to do multi video inside the player itself, it has the main video and a sidebar inside the player itself with 3 thumbnails of other videos, is there any way to get this basicly playlist version of flow player to work? it seems that all the videos have to be inside one folder, but when i inspected my user data on my server, every users videos are always in the same folder so that shouldnt be a problem, but it looks so nice, its like this, it would bring the elgg video player experence from like a 6 to a 10!

  • no one? no ideas? i know its posible go look at flow player's website and see, its just a matter of linking the flowplayers playlist with the users file data directory

  • This is the *one to replace iZap on-server, off-server and..
    no api keys, no phone-home, no nothing; just the video and only the video;
    because my kung-fu MantisFist Master Qu (@China)
    wants video galleries on the site, like Photos; but
    I do not want the added overheads that izap provides.
    So - take the best jQuery 'slde-show' carousel; 
    add jq modals, add something like flowplayer, and plus the
    (any one of the several available) utube,metcalfe, etc video embedder..
    we are c-o-o-k-i-n-g kung-fu video gallery storm l-oO


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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