Elgg Mobile vRC1A

Release Notes


- Minor Bug Fixes

- Resolved riverdashboard issues

- Reply to messages now works

- Friends page re-styled

- Bug where clicking on the profiles name in the activity stream is fixed

Road Map

- Give administrators the option of what tabs to display on the profile pages

- Style the friends pages

- Add an admin setting so that admins can control the mobile plugin etc.

- Add 'switch to desktop'

- Develop an API for theme developers to use without breaking the mobile site

This is possible at the moment but you have to be carefull! I will be publising a tutorial on how to do this and RC2  will give admins the option to customise the theme.

- Add a phone book


Extract into the mod folder. Enable in plugin tools and then run upgrade.php.

Does this work with your phone?

Please test this plugin on as many phones as possible and report if there where any bugs in it.

So far I have tested it on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia


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  • Hi again Mark!

    I tried to test this plugin again, to provide you with some screenshots etc, but I think I discovered a new bug instead? I installed mobile-plugin, put it at the bottom of plugin list (also tried above site access/theme) and fired up the browser on my HTC Hero. The site won't load? It just spins and spins.

    Tried to switch from WIFI to 3G, but that didn't help either.

    Disabled the plugin, and site loaded at once.

    I think I remember that it took a long time to load the last time I testet the plugin too.

    This is weird. Have you experienced this? Any one else?

  • I got a similar problem in so much as it loaded a lot of data and then redirected to the mobile page. I'm guessing the plugin should be at the top rather than the bottom but haven't experimented with it yet.

    This on a windows mobile device (HTC).

  • People.. ;-) Let us wait for my Markie-Mark (mi pequeño bebé) to finish his coffee and his schooling first LOLZ ;-O... U'all registering this ? heh heh.. patience **is = virtue !

  • Success!

    I added "mod/mobile/index.php" to allowed sites in site access, and the page came up:)

    But is this the best way to do it?

  • I recommend not using siteacess with this plugin as complications will/may arise.

  • @Mark ok. Do you plan support for it later on?

    Btw. I checked againg and it still seems like only wireposts are written out to river/activity view with this plugin. User badges and bookmarks shows up with only user picture and timestamp. The actual "message" is not written out. (This is also with site access deactivated)

    On Profile, Info is not showing data. See screenshot 

    As you can see from the screenshot I tested this with english language, so I don't think it's language-related.

    Also on Profile, photos won't load See screenshot 

    Looking forward to new version! Tnx again for your great work:)

  • Terje

    SiteAccess? No. It is an error in that plugin itself and not mine that is preventing it from working.

    Blogs and bookmarks, you have already posted these and I they are fixed in the next release - I will be releasing it tomorrow.

    Profiles: I will lookinto this but it would help me if you could give me access to your site.

    Photos: You need the latest version of tidypics installed.

    Which version of elgg are you running?

  • Site Access: Ok, my workaround for Site Access kinda works and I will contact the developers of that plugin if it's needed.

    Blogs & bookmarks: Sorry for stressing Blogs/Bookmarks. Dhrup was messaging me that you needed more info for some reason.. Superb that this will be fixed!

    Profiles: Sorry, I can't give you access to our site. It's in production/released and I have no test environment you can use:( Does anybody else experience these issues? Maybe they can give you access to their sites?

    Photos: I believe I have latest version, but maybe I'm wrong. Will look into that. Tnx for the tip:)

    Version: Elgg 1.6.1


  • @Terje
    good day ...;-) there maybe issues and...
    "we" are working out our own "mobile" views theme..; anyways..
    will contact you later..
    now i sleep;;;;

  • The next version will include a way for admins to customise their mobile theme. At the moment I am battling with a switch to desktop view code!

  • image <!-- output the actual comment -->

    I have tried to upload a Photo with mobile version, this not work because the side loads and loads again.

    A nice feature are to get a Photo directly from the mobilephone camera.

    Blog comments are not displayd on thedashboard wire.

  • is it just in english? how do i create another language version?

  • Hello Mark, nice job! and this indeed is the plugin many people have been waiting for. Taking your time to create the 'mobile' views for elgg is quite fantastic!

    I'm concerned however with the way the redirect works... It's after HUGE files hv been loaded (jQuery, Elgg css etc), and also low end phones MIGHT not support javascript, so your redirect approach may not work. Can we find another way to create a dedicated mobile view that will not require the default view at all?

    Anyways your code has got me thinking. I'll get in touch if i make a breakthrough.

    Thanks once more for taking the BIG step of starting this plugin!

  • Tom,

    The next relase, RC2, which is due out soon fixes the redirect issues. It will be released once a considerable number of item on the roadmap have been done.


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