Elgg Mobile vRC1A

Release Notes


- Minor Bug Fixes

- Resolved riverdashboard issues

- Reply to messages now works

- Friends page re-styled

- Bug where clicking on the profiles name in the activity stream is fixed

Road Map

- Give administrators the option of what tabs to display on the profile pages

- Style the friends pages

- Add an admin setting so that admins can control the mobile plugin etc.

- Add 'switch to desktop'

- Develop an API for theme developers to use without breaking the mobile site

This is possible at the moment but you have to be carefull! I will be publising a tutorial on how to do this and RC2  will give admins the option to customise the theme.

- Add a phone book


Extract into the mod folder. Enable in plugin tools and then run upgrade.php.

Does this work with your phone?

Please test this plugin on as many phones as possible and report if there where any bugs in it.

So far I have tested it on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia


Click here to take a look at this plugin on a live site


    I am new to all of this and I am trying to get this work.  I am on elgg 1.6.  For some reason everytime I enable a plugin I get the same error message:

    link was enabled successfully.

     elgg_mobile_RC1 is a misconfigured plugin.

    Is there soething I am doing wrong?  I have unistalled and reinstalled a few times and still the same thing.  I can't get my pollst o work either.  I was reading about a plugin misconfigured in the help, but it doesn't seem to be any of those issues.  All of the plugins have start pages.   Can someone help the metally challenged?  Thanks to anyone who can help.  Fell free to email me at



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    Here's another one

    PluginException Object
    [message:protected] => elgg_mobile_RC1 is a misconfigured plugin.
    [string:private] => exception 'PluginException' with message 'elgg_mobile_RC1 is a misconfigured plugin.' in /home/content/z/0/9/z09jmm/html/nation/engine/lib/plugins.php:245
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/content/z/0/9/z09jmm/html/nation/engine/start.php(175): load_plugins()
    #1 /home/content/z/0/9/z09jmm/html/nation/engine/handlers/pagehandler.php(16): require_once('/home/content/z...')
    #2 {main}
    [code:protected] => 0
    [file:protected] => /home/content/z/0/9/z09jmm/html/nation/engine/lib/plugins.php
    [line:protected] => 245
    [trace:private] => Array
    [0] => Array
    [file] => /home/content/z/0/9/z09jmm/html/nation/engine/start.php
    [line] => 175
    [function] => load_plugins
    [args] => Array


    [1] => Array
    [file] => /home/content/z/0/9/z09jmm/html/nation/engine/handlers/pagehandler.php
    [line] => 16
    [args] => Array
    [0] => /home/content/z/0/9/z09jmm/html/nation/engine/start.php

    [function] => require_once



  • SimpleFix: make sure that the folder mobile is in the mod root - elgg_mobile_rc1 should not,

  • @Bigyack

    you need to unpack the elgg_mobile_RC1.zip and upload the mobile folder to your /mod folder :))

  • I did unzip it and then ftp'd it to my mod folder. For some reason I get this on every plugin that I try to enable. I have also re-installed elgg 3 times and I keep getting the mis configured plugin. I have read the documentation and none of the plug INS were missing start pages. I don't know what to do. Thanks for your help

  • Mark, I unzipped it and I believe it was in the mod folder as mobile. I will double check and reload it and see what happens. I think there is something else wrong but I have no clue. Ever plug in that I try gives me the misconfigured plugin. I have tried deleting elgg and reinstalling it 3 times and I get the same thing.

  • Ah! Nice, been waiting for a plugin like this!

    Tested it briefly on my HTC Hero (Android) and think I've found a bug? Bookmarks and blog comments comes up as empty (just the profile pic and timestamp) in river.

    Also: when "Mr Man is now friends with Mrs Woman" shows in river, all the links from the "arrow menu" are visible.

  • And on Profile > Info, I don't see my profile data. just the headlines.

    Is this maybe because of translation or something? Our Elgg is in norwegian.

  • @Terje

    Give my young friend Markie.. a little bit of time to attend to these various code woes.., there may be unforeseen language file situations.. Post (very) detailed problem notes.. and we will help you.;-)


  • @Dhrup and @Mark I'm sorry if I came of a bit harsh. It was not my intention at all. I really appreciate your hard work on this plugin Mark! It looks great, and my bug comments above was just to let you know about my findings. They don't mean "get out of bed and start working ASAP";)

    I want to help out, so what kind of details do you guys need?

  • @Terje

    You are asking for too much work effort from my young 15 year old friend -Mark - Please be patient and let him get around to fixing code problem situations.. but please.. do bot not make demands.. too hard ;-)


  • @Terje
    oki ;-)

    send in details of your probems
    language files, etc..

    Mark  (+ I ) gonna look into situation..
    enkelt ;-)

  • @Terje
    Google translate sometimes is funny LOLZ ;-O heh heh ;-)

  • Terje

    The problems with the river will be a simple fix in RC1B - i just need to create "friendly" views of these plugins.

    If there are styling issues then please feel free to upload images/screenshots.

    Have you put this plugin on a live site? If so, can you give me the link so I can take a look?

    As for the profile info tabs, I will look into this and it maybe that Languages might be supported at a later date

  • @Mark:
    Saturday !
    Go relax.. come back to code-stuff on Monday
    Enjoy your weekend... !!!

  • @Mark Yup, I put it on our live site, but it is behind a walled garden so unfortunately I can't give you access.  I will try to provide some screenshots for you later.

    I can also try changing site language to english and see if it works then. Will let you know how that goes:)

    Saturday?  @Dhrup's right: Go relax, come back on Monday! It's friday here still (Norway). So I have 4 more hours of work before the weekend:(

  • Anyone tried this with 1.5 yet?

  • lazy sunday afternoon.... ;-P markie me boy !! ;-O

  • Love it. Work very good. I will try it on my blackberry. Is there any way to make the url shorter?

  • proseller

    What do you mean by making the url shorter?


    The next update will be released on Wednesday 27th January. If there are any outstanding bugs, glitches or recommendations then please let me know.


  • Hi Mark,

    this Plugin is exactly what I'm searching for. Thank you!



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