Elgg Mobile v2.0 - BETA

Release Notes

- Complete redesign.

- Built with HTML5 phones in mind (but support older browsers too)

- Many bug fixes.

Status Update (Dec 24th)

Currently I am working on a full time development project as well as being at university. I plan on updating this plugin shortly to fix this noted issues and improve the plugin. This plugin is still very much in development and I urge you to contribute to it on GitHub too! https://github.com/markharding/mobile

Any ideas/suggestions are welcomed. 

  • SIMPLE CACHE MUST be turned off in order for this version to work. The current master branch on GitHub has this resolved.

  • Hi, i have a problem with your plugin. When i sing up in my website, i have this message:

    "sorry we could not find the page that you resquest"

    I supposed, that i must to change the the url in some file of the plugin, but i dont know what file is it...

    The other and the most important problem, is that i see bad all the menus, for example the activity area, only i see the 20% , beacuse i have in the right the rss option, that ocuped the 80% of the site... and the same in all places...

    Sorry for my poor inglish

  • Sorry to ask this if it seems it's a dumb question... In the zip file there are 2 folders there 'mobile' and '_MACOSX'.. what am i supposed to do to install it... typically i just upload the folder inside the zip to the mods folder - do i upload both?  Thanks for the help!

  • Ignore the _MACOSX folder. It's metadata that Mac adds. All you have to do is copy the mobile folder to the mods folder in Elgg.

  • Thanks Brett!!! Great looking plugin Mark!!!!  Donating.  Is logon on the list of featurs (or am i just not seeing it)?

  • This will work on my elgg 1.8.8 version with custom cool theme? 

    Please let me know so I can try to install :)

  • Jay - thanks so much for your very kind donation to the project. You are probably not seeing the login page because you have a plugin which is overriding the custom index. Make sure that the mobile plugin is at the top of your plugins list in order to fix this.

  • Kisssss4ever - I'm not sure as to the plugin you are referring to however the mobile plugin simply provides a set of views that display nicer on mobile devices. You'll have to speak to the plugin developer if you want his theme to be mobile.

  • I can add sd card images to posts?
    For instance, i took a photo using smartphone cam, i can use it on elgg mobile post?


  • I need to know where I can edit the page mobile takes you to when you login. It is supposed to go straight to the dashboard, but instead I get a "This page can't be found." I am also experiencing a problem with the sidebar covering up the wire. My solution is to remove the sidebar. Could you tell me where I can tweak the app to make it work the way I want? The background is in JS and it is  minified. I wish there was an un-minified version.

  • Elgg man - this isn't a native app so uploading will probably not be supported? At least it's not in safari anyway. If this is what you are wanting to achieve then you're probably going to have to invest in a native app.


    Princezuda - as it says above, try turning off simple cache. Also, what plugius are you using that could be causing this?

  • I understand...if i make something i will tell you...

    Thank you kiddo,

    You are doing a great work!

  • I need to know where I can edit list menu ? In my phone, there desribe "activity page" but actually I want to disable activity page and change it to "dashboard page". So where can I edit the list of topbar menu in this plugin ?

  • Hi, im having a bit of a play with your plugin. nice work :)


    Im retheming from the ground up but cant find where your menu is defined so I may make the buttons rounded, add icons, etc etc

    SHOULD this be set in the css via .ui-corner-tr, .ui-corner-tl, .ui-corner-br, .ui-corner-bl, etc. or do I need to change data roll somewhere (where :( ).


    What file is your menu defined in? i just cant find it...


    Also im still learning jquery mobile.. is jqm ONLY defined in the head.php file? I want to replace this with the newest version... what problems could arise from this, or are they backwards compatible?

    Thanks! expect a donation!


  • have you set "data-corners="false"" anywhere?

  • Works fine on Android. But it does not work on Nokia e63 native browser and Opera Mini.

    Looks like the stylesheet is missing. Showing the mobile version without any styling.

    Can you help?

  • I only just noticed the warning at the top about simple cache, as well as the updated version on github, but I figured I'd let people know that for this version of 2.0 beta, simple cache + mobile breaks aspects of event calendar and a few other things.

  • Hi Mark Harding,

    Thanks for the great plugin.

    Viewing from a BlackBerry with old device software, the left side bar covers more than half of the page which makes the text not visible. Please help.

  • I was also having the error on Elgg 1.8:

    "sorry we could not find the page that you resquest"

    I fixed it by putting the "User Dashboard 1.8" right below this plug in, it then took me to the activity page after login.

  • To follow up on my last post, I was able to also deactivate User Dashboard plug in then move the Wire plug in right bellow instead flushed cache and it seems to work OK too. When login from a mobile device it takes you to the Activity page.

  • css in firefox mobile = 50%   android 4.0.4 on motorola razr xt910


    css in chrome mobile = 100%   android 4.0.4 on motorola razr xt910

  • on firefox for android


    .elgg-main {
    position: relative;
    min-height: 360px;
    padding: 5px;




    .elgg-main {
    position: relative;
    min-height: 360px;
    width: 100%;
    padding: 5px;

  • Hi! Greatings for this plugin, it's very nice.

    But I have a little problem:

    When I logged in, in the first page appears Error: 404

    How can I resolve it? It's my only problem!



  • Great plugin - looking forward to seeing the stable version!!

    So my situation is as follows... I have added a hardcoded link of the activity (<a href="<?php echo elgg_get_site_url(); ?>activity">Activity</a>). If I click on the link from the page where it is inserted it returns a white page with the word "udefined". If I click on the address bar and press enter it shows is properly.

    I get this "undefined" white page with many links such as when registering, and following a friend, etc.

    Any idea what is causing this or how to solve?

    Thanks in advance!

  • This plugin work properly on my website, when I use plugins widget-manager 4.3 with the theme of purity-three, setting the widget-manager should be 2 columns and set the user logged on the options tab.

    Thanks Mark, I recommend these plugins, bravo!

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