Release Notes

  • Added support for revision 1.0a 
  • Added cron job to clean old Nonce objects from the database
  • Hey Justin, I'm having problems in the "gottoken" phase of authentication. The links to examples in the documentation are broken, are the examples still available?

    Many Thanks,

  • I didn't actually write the examples that were added to the wiki page, so I can't vouch for them. I'll need more details on what problems you're having to be able to help. Did you install and activate the url_getter plugin as well as the oauth plugin?

  • Hey Justin, thanks for your reply. Oh I thought you might have written them so I was hoping they might be still available. Yes I have the url_getter plugin installed so i'm ok on that front.

    I'm trying to use OAuth with LinkedIn and so far I can successfully get a request token and get redirected to LinkedIn's authorization page. When authorization is complete and LinkedIn calls the callback_url (which I left as ../gottoken), oauth_token and oauth_verifier seem to be missing from the response. Also $consumerEnt doesn't appear to be set.

    In the documentation it is mentioned that the $consumEnt object should be saved and referenced later as required. Where is the best place to do this?

    Apologies if the above is trivial/weird, I'm a noob when it comes to Elgg plugins.

    Many Thanks,

  • @gerard: Looks like there was a bug in the 0.5 release that slipped out. It should be fixed in today's 0.6 release, so please upgrade and try again.

    Also, you need to know whether your consumer is using version 1.0 or 1.0a of the OAuth protocol and set the revA flag on it appropriately. From the docs, LinkedIn is using 1.0a, so you need to include your callback_url in the request token request and not the authorization request.


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