Release Notes

- fixed return parameter in authorization page (RFC compliance)

- fixed deprecated function calls in several places

  • Hi,

    I appreciate your help, but still not working, oauth_callback_confirmed isn't included in Request Token provider's response as needed. Looked into the code I found this:

                // Build the new url
                $newUrl = substr_replace($url, $separator . 'oauth_verifier=' . $tokEnt->verifier . '&oauth_token=' . $tokEnt->requestToken . '&oauth_callback_confirmed=true', $insertPosition, 0);

    But it's on actions/authorize.php. Where can I add a similar setence for the attribute to be included in request negotiation?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Yes, you're right, I added it to the wrong part of the protocol negotiation. I'll update things and get back a new revision shortly. Thanks for your patience!

  • Added:

    echo $token . '&oauth_callback_confirmed=true';

    in pages/requesttoken.php

  • Yes -- I apparently forgot to upload the plugin. New version (0.10.5) should be up for 1.8 now, please try it out and see if it fixes your issue.


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