Translation Editor v2.0.1

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2.0.1 (2015-02-02):

  • changed: only load js when needed
  • I place text tab to next. But no save. Same as Michele in 1.8 version... How I save my text?

  • @inca & @Michele

    does the webservers error_log have anything that could help, because I can't reproduce the problem (neighter can our clients)

  • @inca

    I place text tab to next. But no save. Same as Michele in 1.8 version... How I save my text?

    I assume you are using Elgg 1.9+ (and the 2.x version of this plugin)


    after many tests it seems the major issue is Chrome. Firefox saves almost on each tab key, Chrome doesn't. Haven't tried IE but I definitely think it's a browser issue, what do you think?

    Did you check the netmonitor of FF & Chrome (F12) that way you can see if the call to the save action is made. The save action only is triggered if text has changed.

    In the developers console (F12) you can also see any (if any) js errors. I assume there are none??

    ps: still unable to reproduce even in chrome

  • @michele,

    Following this discussion I just found out that, even if my translation do not contain any " \ " , Translation Editor adds them for some reason, maybe when typing " ' " which are quite needed in italian language.

    Translation editor uses the php function var_export() to export the translation array to a text file. In order to make a valid output some characters are added for example ' is replaced by \' to make sure no unintended string breaks are introduced.

    This is no problem as when php reads the string again the \ is 'removed' and only the ' remains.

    If you think the uploaded file to transifex caused the problem this could have many reasons, maybe transifex reads the file differently, there can be a fault in the file, maybe the export from transifex caused the problem.

    Just to be sure check the string(s) on transifex if you see something unexpected change it ;) We uploaded the entire Dutch language to transifex from our dutch_translation plugin (which was created with trnaslation editor) and had no problems. The Dutch language however doesn't use much ' (but sometimes it does)

  • @michele,

    I guess once you export translations the plugin doesn't show them anymore from json files, does it? It supposes you upload each downloaded language file to its plugin's language folder, right?

    No the languages still remain in the json format until you delete them from TE (icon next to the download)

    EDIT: or...some other plugin could interfere with reading json translations?

    maybe, haven't had that yet ;)

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