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  • Hi, I have try this excelent plugin in my Elgg 1.6.1 version and it work prefect!!

    Good Job, very good job.   Thanks!!!

  • It isn't working in my 1.6.1.

    When I go to TOOLS --> TRANSLATION EDITOR nothing happens.

  • edit:
    When I try it from the Admin panel in 1.6.1 it works fine.

  • Hi, When the Custom_index_wiget plugin is activated I get a blank page when I try to access to translation editor.

  • What is the difference between your plugin and the plugin that already exists?:

    Why not just contribute to the plugin that already exists, instead of creating another one?

    We have too many plugins that do the same thing. We need to have teams working in good plugins that already exist, like mariusz.maximus's plugin.

  • Yakiv,

    I agree - I've raised that issue with ColdTrick staff before.

    It's great that they are contributing, but it is a shame that some of their contributions don't build on work done by others.

  • @Jerome Bakker

    If you want make a big difference to other translating tools for elgg, insert save-draft function like blog plugin, because if you have to translate a "big" plugin with many language options, you need time for this, but if the Cockie of the elgg website expires faster than you can translate, you can repeat it all...

    that's why I prefer to use - for safe translation - an editor like notepad++

    ...still beautiful implemented ;)

  • @Yakiv (and @Kevin Jardine) the difference is that those plugins don't work with our approach of translations packs.

    Also we created this plugin in 1 day because a client of ours required this functionality, if we first would consult with the other plugin creators we never could make the changes as fast as we required them to be made.
    Before we started development of this plugin we did check all the other plugins, they just didn't work for us.

    @Kevin Jardine:

    I agree - I've raised that issue with ColdTrick staff before.


    @Cube: currently this plugin doesn't use the action_gatekeeper, so atleat you'll have more the 10 min. If you lose your session with Elgg them you just don't work fast enough ;)

    We will look into not losing your data while editing (and losing your session).

    Please consider that this plugin was mainly created to make changes to existing translations (eq friends => collegues/contacts). Also since you translate plugin by plugin their aren't that many keys (core < 700 ;)

  • @Jerome, you don't make a solid enough argument. You could, then, have taken what mariusz.maximus had already done, made improvements, and contributed THAT back to the community under a new version number.  At least then, your impovements could be committed back to the code repository and we stay with one plugin.  I think coldtrick is trying to be a one-man-show here, like a few others, and it's quite annoying because we have too many plugins doing the same thing.

  • Jerome, I have to agree here... we should be looking for evolution of useful pluging rather than as you say "Just another Translation Editor ;)"...  Joomla and other frameworks are littered with a mirriad of similar functionalities and no one is ever sure which is the best or most suitable, and they often have more information about what they do and how to use them.

    Elgg needs more effort refining existing useful or interesting plugins (in terms of features, usability, efficient code, efficient and consistant use of the database, better documentation etc), so that there is no confusion and things work properly.

  • @Mark, the documentation is a wiki which means anyone can edit it to make it better.

    @Mark, Yakiv, Kevin - ColdTrick is not required to release their plugins. I'm sure they are not seeing a lot of donations. If you'd like to see the mariusz.maximus browser development continue, the google code repository is there. Too much complaining and not enough coding from people :)

  • @Cash, normally you post rather good responses, but, I cannot agree with you here. I am approaching this from a user standpoint. Kevin is approaching this from a developer standpoint. He developed quite a powerful forms plugin, with flexprofile, etc.  Instead of this being furthered, something totally new was developed. While I would agree that ColdTrick doesn't have to release their plugins, I don't think this argues against them working on plugins that are already in place.  As for the complaining, the community here is a mess, Cash, and the complaining is suitable because a lot of us are annoyed by the mess and disjointeness of the community.  Maybe you can fix that?

  • @Mark, I totally agree with what you said and how you said it.  ...Cash, you're just not seeing the point, I guess.

  • @Cash... personally, I think Wikis are a great community way to create the necessary content for a Manual etc, but there is not requirement to create them when posting a plugin or theme.  Also, to go hunting for information from comments on each version of the plugin, Readme and docs within the plugin, discussions in the groups and a wiki is frankly crazy... life is too short. 

    It would be great to see developers including a useful manual with the plugin itself - if they designed the thing, this should not be too difficult.  Any revisions from wiki and comments should be included with plugin revisions having been QC'd byt the developer (or community helper/s who can assist with the task. 

    Any manual should include the plugins purpose, design philosophy, limitations of use, code snippits for non developers for extending etc, installation and troubleshooting and signpost to a wiki for the plugin so that manual can be developed by the community for the next revision.

    This wiki could include a roadmap and desired features as well... hopefully, there would be enough there for other developers to pick up and work with in collaboration with the original developer.

    I would dearly love to see the "Forms", "Calendar", "Groups [extended]", "Notifications", etc plugins being evolved to meet the potential they are capable of... they are core plugins as far as I can see.

    Cash... as I keep saying here... I am not a coder, and do not pretend to be, I do not work in IT, assuming that we all are in some way is frustrating.  You have said before that the community is for helping all comers.


  • abandoned

    @Jerome: Thanks for another great contribution. I've got several ColdTrick plugins on my Elgg installation and working wonderfully!

    @Kevin, Yakiv and Mark: Perhaps you are unaware that Jerome did in fact build on other plugins in the past, namely Friend Request and Full Text Search. Why get on his ass about releasing this, his own work? Pedro Prez has updated Translation Browser ( so there is someone else working on Maximus's code.

    No offense to Pedro or Maximus but I've tried Translation Browser and it's not for me. I just don't like the way it looks or works. Here's another option for me to consider, given to the community for free, and its developer gets criticized.

    Way to go, guys.

  • @Anna, this I am sure was not intended to be a criticism of Jerome, his work is sound and very much appreciated, but perhaps a much more general frustration about the mechanisn behind plugin development, documentation and evolution. 

    If Jormes approach is the best, then super, and other developers wanting to develop additional features should base their work on this, rather than create a new one... otherwise it is surely a waste of effort and support for existing infrastructure never gets built up.

  • @Anna - No one questions the talent of Jeroen or Jerome.  In fact, I personally think that Jeroen's plugins are the best that ever hit Elgg.  However, as Mark has aptly described, "Joomla and other frameworks are littered with a mirriad of similar functionalities and no one is ever sure which is the best or most suitable, and they often have more information about what they do and how to use them." This is becoming an increasing problem with Elgg and it is likely to get much worse, especially when 1.7 does finally come out.

    I have used Maximus' plugin and it is amazing. I just don't know why it would be cast aside by ColdTrick, to develop something totally new.  ...I think all of us only need look at the success of the TidyPics plugin as proof of concept, as to what Mark, Kevin and I are talking about.  That has become THE major plugin for Elgg and it started with one developer, who couldn't keep it going and then a whole team got together to improve the code and further that project.  Just look at it now.  It's awesome.

    The same thing should have happened with Kevin's forms and flexprofile plugins.  I think it is insulting - in my opinion - to just lay those aside, essentially.  They very well could have been the basis for much of what is found in the Profile Manager plugin.

    And now we are talking about the translation editor and the disregarding and disgarding of Maximus' work.  I just don't think it is respect to those who have been with Elgg for a long time and who went to MAJOR work before Jeroen and Jerome came along.  And that is not meant as disrespect.  Again, ColdTrick is doing amazing things that have not been done with Elgg before.  But, let's not cast aside those who came before them, nor their plugins.

  • @Yakiv, you are getting a little emotional here.... chill a little :) elgg is still young, perhaps this is it's adolecence or something, and change is occouring but we are not sure how to manage it... but manage it we must.

    There needs to be a "refresh"  (oooh, I hate that jargon) of how elgg and its community work.  What was good last decade does not mean it still has currancy.  Sometimes these forums are too democratic and therefore edge towards chaos and anarchy... a little more structure is required. 

    However, this is not something the community can do as such,  it requires leadership from Curverider.

  • abandoned

    @Mark: I understand your concerns but this is not the place to air them. These comments should be about the functionality of THIS plugin, not about how these plugins are distributed on Elgg. A better forum is a group. Actually, a better forum is a FORUM but that's not an option here on Elgg.

    On another issue, Joomla, WordPress and other much more popular systems have many plugin/mod options for their users. I wouldn't exactly call that "littering." Some plugins don't work the way you want so other people re-release them with added functionality or better integration. Elgg can't claim the same popularity so I don't understand this dictating to plugin devs of what they should and should not do helps.

    @Yakiv: I use Language Selector for my multilingual site so using Translation Editor from the same team makes a whole lot of sense.

    Respect? This isn't a playground or a theatre company. No one needs to pay their dues in order to contribute. This is what open source means. If you don't agree with letting people develop or contribute in their own way (new plugins, modified plugins, style guides, feedback, usability testing, theme dev, whatever), then you're just in the way.

    To all: let's not threadsh*t (as it is so colorfully put in other forums I participate in) here any longer about this plugin. This area is for comments or questions about the plugin, not for our opinions on whether or not it should have been released. Start a group discussion and talk about it there.

  • Hi, I'm testing the plugin and have found that when the original string has html code in it, it is not shown.

    In the screenshot you can see a «%s» in bold, which in the original string should be «<b>%s</b>»:

    Elgg Translation editor bug

    This can lead to erroneous translations.

    (The screenshot if from a string from the izap_videos plugin)

  • @Mark, re: "you are getting a little emotional here" - I don't see it.  And you don't have enough history with Elgg, to respond to what I actually said.  Neither does Anna.

    @Anna, re: "I use Language Selector for my multilingual site so using Translation Editor from the same team makes a whole lot of sense." - You sould like a marketing agent for the same team.  As for the rest of what you wrote, who's talking about playgrounds or theatres.  You'r mentality is quite common.  Trash the past and those who built it, for your own selfish interests.  The problem is, you'll always create this kind of turnover and never create a true unity.  I really don't care for your responses, so save your breath.

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