Profile Manager v9.0.1

Release Notes

  • fixed: js error on register form in walled garden
  • If you make registration mandatory on the multi-select input, you cannot register as it will come back with an error message saying 'The next field must be filled: Your Areas of Knowledge'.

    I have tried selecting some, all or none of the fields and all return the same error message..

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Thank you for cool plugin.

    I can't add profile types and fields in Russian language - Manager shows error messages like below.
    How can I add data in Russian?

    • Metadata name is an invalid name

    • No name or an invalid name provided for the Custom Profile Type

  • @locosmo the name field is used in the code and the database and should be alphanumeric (without spaces). The label field can be used in any language.

  • I enabled this profile manager and it replaces the profiles that have currently been set by users - had reports today of users losing their profiles and realised I had only enable this last night. Disabled and their original profiles came back. Is this by design ? The features of this is great so if this is the case I will warn everyone before enabling again.

  • @stampstudy after you enabled the plugin, you need to go to "Configure > Edit profile fields". There you will now see an empty list, you need to import the default Elgg fields (or previously custom profile fields) with one of the actions at the bottom of the form.

  • @Jeroen,

    That worked perfectly - many thanks. Profile manager installed and old profiles loaded. Users are happy. :)

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I love this plugin.

    The only thing which does not work for me is using a multiselect-profile field and making it mandatory on registration. Then new users cannot register. Because, when finished with filling out the necesssary registration fields and clicking the "Register button", they get the following red message: "The next field must be filled: School" and are redirected to the login page. ("School" is my multiselect field)

    If I don´t make the multiselect-field mandatory erverything works fine.

    Same on Firefox and Chrome..

    Do you have a hint what could cause my problem? Or are multiselect fields not supposed to be mandatory in general?




  • @dualpixel reported the same error 38 days ago

  • When I import the profile fields I only get six red/green buttons on each field and not the eight in the plugin images at the download page?

  • @jededitor that is completely correct, as the screenshots show some older features

  • Hi everyone!

    i have kind of a problem with that plugin: i can add any extra field, or group, but when i go to the register page, all my extras fields showed up for 2 sec, andf then they disappear..

    Any idea about where that could come from?

    Awesome plugin btw, the possibility to make any entry a tag is genious.

  • @adrien i added the bugreport to github. It will be tracked from there.

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