Profile Manager v8.0.2

Release Notes

  • fixed: js error on register form in walled garden
  • I was attempting to set up profile fields when I got a white page.

    My thought was to reinstall and start over since this was the first time installing this plugin.

    Each time I start with a fresh install and activate PM, I again get a white page.  I can change the name or remove PM and the site works fine. I have tried running "upgrade.php" but it will not run with a white page.

    Any suggestion??

    elgg: 1.9.8



  • Can you tell us what your php error logs say? That would help a lot in telling what's going wrong. 

  • I'm running 1.9.8, the plugin installed and works perfectly. I like the new additional fields you added giving lots of flexibility.

    I know as part of a / our profile we can have an image, it would also be nice to have an image field. My website is for motorcyclist's, it would be nice if as part of their profile they could include a decent size image of their motorcycle or if it was a business they could include a larger picture of the their logo.

    I'm going to go through it to see the different ways the profile manager can be utilized.



  • @dan if you have images besides the avatar you better use a image gallery plugin like tidypics or hypeGallery for that purpose. People can add widgets with content from those plugins to their profile if they like too.

  • @Jeroen, thank you for the suggestion. I saw the plugin for tidypics but not hypeGallery, I'll check them both.


  • @   Dan Westlake , I think what you need for your users to upload images on their profile might be this plugin called Elgg Cover photo

  • Hi @Jeroem, is already possible to internationalize dropdown options?. If it is possible, how must be the translation string? 

  • @javier I did this by providing a special output view for the the multiselect and by using elgg_echo("translatable:$value");  instead of echo "$value";

  • Solved for dropdown too:

      if (elgg_in_context ('profile')){

                $option = elgg_echo ('profile:'.$option);


      echo ("<option $option_attrs>$option</option>");

    Thanks @Dries

  • Enabling "mandatory profile icon on register form" leads to problems registering via smartphones for some of my test users. They report that after clicking "save profile picture" the page reloads and all input data is deleted

    Still, for most of them it works fine. Any hint on what could be the reason? 

  • Hello, I need to check a user's profile type. But with $user->custom_profile_type method I don't get any guid, so I can't show what custom profile type the user has. ($user is = elgg_get_page_owner_entity())

    Please answer me

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