Profile Manager v7.6.1

Release Notes

7.6.1 (2013-08-28):

  • fixed: about me field uses custom field name as label
  • fixed: auto suggested usernames no longer contains invalid characters
  • fixed: input multiselect correctly encodes options
  • fixed: incorrect listing of categories on admin configuration page if more than 10 are created

7.6 (2013-05-06):

  • added: admin option to show hints on default account fields on register form
  • fixed: live validation of account details not working in walled garden mode
  • fixed: categorized profile fields can not be reset to general category
  • fixed: only show categorie titles/tabs if there are visible fields on profile edit form
  • fixed: some php notices

7.5.2 (2013-04-05):

  • changed: better use of system cache for profile entities
  • changed: use core metadata caching instead of own version
  • changed: autoprepend http on url profile fields if missing
  • changed: query cache is disabled during profile export to prevent OOM issues
  • fixed: sticky register form values not cleared after registration
  • fixed: show correct tabs when switching profile types
  • @jeff the future Elgg 1.9 version of this plugin will have this ability

  • To: JohnnyD 101 days ago


    ...and for those whom unwanted custom fields from another profile type are showing up in default user edit page.


    Sympton: (elgg 1.8.16, Version - 2013051700; Profile Manager 7.6.1)

    I have got two profile types: A and B to whom one-one category (lets name them 1 and 2) is attached with individual custom fields (lets name them XX and YY).

    Profile type can be edited only by admin, so the selector shows up on the profile edit page only when admin is logged in, it remains hidden when the user gets on the profile edit page.


    When the admin gets on the profile edit page the selector shows up and the proper values could be selected with the proper custom fields. So in this case profile type A shows category 1 and custom fields XX, and profile type B shows category 2 and custom fields YY.


    When a user is logged in the profile type selector is hidden as set up in the administrator settings, but it lists every category and custom field. So: profile type A, category 1 and custom fields XX, then category 2 and custom fields YY are listed.


    (My) Solution: 

    In ...mod\profile_manager\views\default\forms\profile\edit.php the line 97-106 were modified with the ID, and one line of script:

    echo elgg_view("input/hidden", array("name" => "custom_profile_type", "id" => "custom_profile_type", "value" => $profile_type));
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $('.custom_profile_type_<?php echo $profile_type; ?>').show();


    Hope this will be helpful for those who are facing the same issues.


  • @Jeroen - Great plugin. One suggestion: in /views/default/profile/details.php on line 146, to replace bold with div + class.

    $field_result .= "<div class=\"prodes\">" . $title . ":&nbsp;</div>";

    instead of:

    $field_result .= "<b>" . $title . "</b>:&nbsp;";

    This way a theme can style/move the profile field descriptions seperately from the content.

  • hello,

    i tried to integrate a custom field into profile manager but it isn't working. the field i tried to integrate is the input/date_select from

    which files i have to change in the profile manager plugin?

    so far i added a line in functions.php

    add_custom_field_type("custom_profile_field_types", 'date_select', elgg_echo('profile_manager:admin:options:date_select'), $date_select_options);

    and i copied the view of the input/date_select in the views\default\input folder.

    What steps are missing to get it saved and working?

  • @axel we try to stick to elgg core as best as possible. Default Elgg is not splitting these elements, therefore we are also not doing so. Maybe for 1.9 we will reconsider this, as your point of view is valid. The ideal situation is for you to report an issue at regarding this improvement. Maybe they can implement it in 1.9.

    @stoffal there is no need to modify the profile manager plugin. External code can add fieldtypes to the profile manager. Take a look at the country_selector plugin ( for an example how to do this.

  • @jeroen thx, i will look on this plugin.

    for the moment i am using pm_datepicker. here i have the problem that the date doesn't get formatted for display.

    it prints Wed Jan 01 2014 12:00:00 GMT+0100 (Mitteleuropäische Zeit) instead of 1 January 2014

    what can be wrong?

  • @jeroen is multi-language for the values of a dropdown list-box supported? 

  • @stoffal the output format is set in the language file (profile_manager:datepicker:output:dateformat)

    @stoffal multi-language values are not support at this moment.

  • @jeroen output of date is only working with one profile

    i debugged output/pm_datepicker.php and with my admin profile i get point A which is good and with all others to point B and so there is no transformation

    $dateformat = elgg_echo("profile_manager:datepicker:output:dateformat");
        echo "<span title='" . $vars['value'] . "'>";
        if((date($dateformat, $vars['value']) !== false) && (date($dateformat, $vars['value']) != date($dateformat, 0))){
            // probably a timestamp, we can format it
            echo strftime($dateformat, $vars['value']);
        } elseif(($new = strtotime($vars["value"])) !== false){
            // time in date format
            echo strftime($dateformat, $new);
    // POINT A      
        } else {
            // some other format, just present it
            echo $vars['value'];
    // POINT B     
        echo "</span>";

    i figured out that it is only working for my very first user and when i edit profile the value is only shown with this user




  • I've added and deleted profile fields.

    In the "User Summary Control" drop downs, it shows that I have 12 custome made profile fields when I only have 11. One of them is called "Custom Profiel Type".

    That seems to show up in the user profil but only as access selection ""

  • @nefea the "Custom Profile Type" is the profile type set for the user. It has nothing to do with the access selection. If you have no profile types defined this field will always be empty.

  • Hello, need an urgent help with the profile/registration fields, i was able to add the country list on the registration page but i am not able to add email or data of birth field. Its throwing me "metadata is an invalid name" error. Please help asap as i need to go live soon.

  • How do I arrange the profile fields on the user page? I ordered them in the settings how i wanted them but it doesnt display that way

  • I'd like to have some filed in registration form but in profile page only are showed to admin of site.

    How can I do that?

  • @olive u can do that

    goto setting and set the profile field to shown in registration form u can see the design in the profile picture

  • I'd like it be private in default.

  • I have an issue with duplicated comments. With the Joined site river event. At the bottom, two comments were posted in response to Andrew joining the site ... and now all subsequent join river event have those same comments automaticaly attacked to them. See picture.


  • Congratulations excellent plugin

  • If I select "show me all active users" I get get the following error code:

    "Async(4) exception: Transport error 500: Server error"



  • Am I the only one that has had this happen to them? Any ideas? ...

  • @Andrew ik see you have some comments links below the activity. That is not part of core and also not part of profile manager. I believe you should contact the author of that functionality.

  • That is the hypeAlive plugin to add ajax feed comments etc, but even with that deactivated it still shows the duplicates ...


    Thats is now default core river posts and comments.

  • Yep it does show them, but you are not able anymore to comment. The problem is you are not commenting on the activity entry, but on an object related to that activity (like a blog). But now that object is the site. And that site is the object for all situations, that is why you can not (by default) comment on those activities. Just delete those comments and you should be fine again.

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I customeized the registration page adding few fields and I use both "mandatory profile picture input field on register form" and "Show hints for default account registration questions" in setting to show an 'Accept terms' field.

    I also use the Elgg Social Login plugin.

    Now I'd like to change the order of the flields.

    After "Repeat password" field I have the 'Accept terms' field and right after the 'mandatory profile picture' field, after all my custom fields ...

    How can I move the 'mandatory profile picture' field afer all custom fields and the 'Accept terms' field at the bottom right before the register botton? I really can't find the files to edit ...


  • Can anyone suggest how to edit the order of special fields, such as 'Accept terms' and 'mandatory profile picture', in registration page?

    Thanks in advance

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