Profile Manager v7.6.1

Release Notes

7.6.1 (2013-08-28):

  • fixed: about me field uses custom field name as label
  • fixed: auto suggested usernames no longer contains invalid characters
  • fixed: input multiselect correctly encodes options
  • fixed: incorrect listing of categories on admin configuration page if more than 10 are created

7.6 (2013-05-06):

  • added: admin option to show hints on default account fields on register form
  • fixed: live validation of account details not working in walled garden mode
  • fixed: categorized profile fields can not be reset to general category
  • fixed: only show categorie titles/tabs if there are visible fields on profile edit form
  • fixed: some php notices

7.5.2 (2013-04-05):

  • changed: better use of system cache for profile entities
  • changed: use core metadata caching instead of own version
  • changed: autoprepend http on url profile fields if missing
  • changed: query cache is disabled during profile export to prevent OOM issues
  • fixed: sticky register form values not cleared after registration
  • fixed: show correct tabs when switching profile types
  • @Stéphane: version 7.6.1 won't work on Elgg 1.9. Wait for an updated version. As far as I know it's already in the works ( but maybe not yet finished.

  • I test this one (on github and I have some issue). So I am wondering if it is me or the 7.7 version.

  • Okay, so I try one more time this mornins and I have some issue with this version. It seems to have some conflicts (drag and drop don't work in the plugin panel and some other things).

  • It's 100% possible that there are some JS issues on 1.9

    What is your console saying?

  • Version 7.7 is not for 1.9. You could download the master version from github, but it could contain bugs as it is not fully tested.

  • Ok. Thanks.

    @Jeroen - I think it is the master version from github.

    @Dries - the console of Elgg ?

  • No, you browsers, each modern browsers has a console to debug JavaScript errors for instance. That way you can see which code is failing. 

  • Hello,

    there is a simple way to retrieve the list of options of a Profile Fields dropdown box from another plugin ?

    e.g. I've a custom field "preferred_color" that is a dropdown with options "red,green,blue", I need in a plugin I'm developing to have an array with values "red,green,blue".

    Thanks in advance

  • Ok, I find that the position in the plugin list impact the issue. If I put it at the last it is ok.

  • Hi, I activated the pm_file type which was grayed out and customized the code to allow for file upload on registration.

    However, i need guidance on how to manipulate the profile viewing page to show link to this file. How would you advice me to go about it?

  • i've just setup a lightbox here to contain the register form and so far it is working ok. except that i just noticed that the form auto-validation is not working in the lightbox. i looked through the profile_manager code briefly and didn't see why this is occurring yet.

    any thoughts on how to resolve this?

  • oh, so apparently fancybox doesn't play with javascript in a simple way. i found this thread in the fancybox support forum:!searchin/fancybox/javascript/fancybox/kBynOFCK3uk/ZHFua_IXXzEJ

    edit: i just added this just before the button link that opens the register lightbox:

                  echo '<script type="text/javascript">
                    $(".elgg-lightbox").fancybox({  "onComplete": function(){
                            // any javascript here

    i also tested this code by adding a javascript popup alert to be triggered by it.. yet no alert was shown.
    so maybe the onComplete event is not being processed as i think it should be.
    wow, this is complicated! lol

  • i have resolved this issue now by calling the profile manager init js function in my ajax registration form.

     -> elgg.profile_manager.init()

    i found along the way that the 'accept terms' button defaults to 'yes', whereas a default of 'no' is usually more appropriate. plus i also found that the digest plugin adds a checkbox to the registration form that does not appear to work (plus the formatting is does not conform to the standard format for input/labels).
    as far as i can see i am passing the digest variable to the register form correctly.. but the value is being ignored.

    anyway.. now i have lightbox enabled register and lost password forms. :)


  • Thanks for this great plugin.

    Will the next version have categories for groups?

  • I used social connect to allow users to log in using LinkedIn. I've created a profile field trying to store user's LinkedIn URL. But how would I be able to retrieve that field?


  • How do you echo custom fields in places besides the profile? For example I want to display some fields about the page owner in the sidebar of their pages. I know how to edit the sidebar. I don't know what to put.

  • Hello all I have the latest version but am experiencing a bit of an issue. It appears to be working well, but the form to edit or add a new field seems to be broken. The dropdown boxes are grayed out and I am unable to edit them. Also, whenever I edit one of the default fields and hit save, the field type turns into just empty brackets (e.g. goes from 'phone [text]' to 'phone[]') even if I don't change anything in the form.

    Just wondering if the author knows about the issue and if I'm just dumb and doing something terribly wrong :)

    Also of note, my operating system is Ubuntu 14.04, and I've tested using Google Chrome, as well as Firefox with the same result. Thanks lots!

  • Greetings,

    in my profile, I want that the user fill in the followed fields:

    field of knowledge | qualification | activities | Years of Experience

    The fields of this group should in a line.

    The user should create many line of this field groups (field of knowledge | qualification | activities | Years of Experience)

    Is this possible?

    Thank you!


  • A much-needed plugin, but...

    I'm using Elgg 1.8.19 and Profile Manager 7.6.1. Even though I create dropdown fields in the profile and select "show on profile as tags" the search members by tag facility does not find these tags.

    Secondly, in a future release is it possible to implement the option for dynamic dropdown lists that autopopulate as would be used when selecting country/state/city etc?

  • I'm using Elgg 1.8.19 with Profile Manager 7.6.1. A great plugin for adding additional fields. 


    I would like to add 'location' field to group fields. But it is not coming in Field type for Group Fields. But I am able to add 'location' field to Profile. Is there any way I can get 'location' field to Group using PM?

  • @apaleja the 7.7 version (only on github) contains that option

  • I am using Elgg 1.8 and I have a little problem.  I have different type of profile each with their own fields to fill out at the registration page.

    However, when I open the registration page  those fields appear for a split second and then disappear.  ???

  •  I installed "Profile Manager 7.6.1" on ELGG-1-8.19 When editing group fields I clicked import defaults, This removed the owner field icon from the edit group page. How do I  re add this to group profile fields? 

  • Ok so as it turns out, apparently profile manager is older then the change ownership setting in elgg-1.8.19

    The work around is to NOT TOUCH the group setting in Profile manager, and use group tools to make your group setting adjustment.  I hope someone else finds this useful. Thanks Jeroen for the email.

  • Sadra Borzouei

    HI.this plugin is pefect.

    but this need a cover photo for addind in profile.


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