Profile Manager v7.6.1

Release Notes

7.6.1 (2013-08-28):

  • fixed: about me field uses custom field name as label
  • fixed: auto suggested usernames no longer contains invalid characters
  • fixed: input multiselect correctly encodes options
  • fixed: incorrect listing of categories on admin configuration page if more than 10 are created

7.6 (2013-05-06):

  • added: admin option to show hints on default account fields on register form
  • fixed: live validation of account details not working in walled garden mode
  • fixed: categorized profile fields can not be reset to general category
  • fixed: only show categorie titles/tabs if there are visible fields on profile edit form
  • fixed: some php notices

7.5.2 (2013-04-05):

  • changed: better use of system cache for profile entities
  • changed: use core metadata caching instead of own version
  • changed: autoprepend http on url profile fields if missing
  • changed: query cache is disabled during profile export to prevent OOM issues
  • fixed: sticky register form values not cleared after registration
  • fixed: show correct tabs when switching profile types
  • I'm not sure if this is a Profile Manager quirk:

    Today I had what may be my first Spammer sign up. The email I received from the site said the source was probably Thailand.

    I went to Admin and found that there was no way of viewing the profile until I actually validated it.

    After a few frustrating minutes, I did validate it only to find that it was spam.
    Is this correct? Do I have to validate a profile before rejecting it? That sounds very odd. I was hoping to be able to view the profile before validating or rejecting it simply because that sounds like the logical thing to do.


  • @JohnK it is not a profile manager quirk. There are validation plugins such as uservalidation_by_email that will disable a user until he/she validates the email. When a user is disabled it is possibly impossible to view his/her profile. This can of course be changed, but not with profile manager at this moment. I find it reasonable that an admin should be able to view the profile of an unvalidated user.

  • @Jeroen:

    A little suggestion: would it be possible to add a plugin hook trigger that fires on a user reaching 100% completeness on adding profile field content? I was asked if I could add the option to the userpoints plugin of awarding userpoints on the event of reaching 100%. If there would be a plugin hook trigger firing at that point I could hook into it which would make the implementation of this option possible.

  • @iionly i like the idea so i added it to the feature list on github, but i will probably give it a look when i upgrade the profile manager for Elgg 1.9. If you want it sooner, you can always add it yourself and make a pull request.

  • @Jeroen Dalsem you replied to @JohnK for a non profile manager quirk, but not to me :(

    Could you please let me know if, and in case how, is possible to edit the order of special fields, such as 'Accept terms' and 'mandatory profile picture', in registration page?

    I'd like to have the 'mandatory profile picture' after all other custom fields (which I can order with drag and drop) and the 'Accept terms' as very last one ...

    Can you please help?

  • @stefano there is no way to reorder those "special" fields other then by changing the code of the register form

  • Hi,

    So I added a custom field(dropdown list) to the registration page. Which table stores the selection of a registered user?


  • Hi,

    Is it a way to have some "checkbox" button for a profile filed ? Did I miss it ?


  • And where can I translate the profile field name ?

  • Can this plug in add automated functionality where in user can select the country?

  • It is ok for the translation. Just put 'profile:nameOfField' => 'translatedNameOfField' in the language file of the plugin.

  • Hello!

    I'm using this wanderful Profile Manager plugin but I'm facing the following issue:

    I created 3 profile type (member, premium, free (the default one)) with differnt items (mandatory on registration form)

    The first time I enter the registration form the default "free" profile is automatically selected but I see all items belonging to the different profiles being shown, even the ones not related to the default profile.

    Then when I select another profile (say "member") the item list is correct, meaning that it shows only the items belonging to the "member" profile.

    Did anybody face this issue and know how to solve it?

    Thanks for your help!


  • @fabri you can try downloading the latest version in the Elgg 1.8 branch here . It has some fixes related to the register form

  • i keep having a issue with 

    • Metadata name is an invalid name

    it seems that it is not working with 1.8 or 1.9 of elgg you might want to updae it or take it down  caues i have tryed everything to make filds for my profiles and it will not let me 

  • @Sean: it definitely works fine on Elgg 1.8. What are you trying to do that causes the error to appear?

    For Elgg 1.9 the current version of the Profile Manager plugin is not working.

  • @Jeroen: Thanks! in the last version you suggested the issue on register form is no more present!

  • shows unmet dependencies ,no widget manager found....

  • @ashwni yep, but it is no problem as it is a suggestion and not a required plugin

  • I exported a custom profile fileds and now i want to import that in my elgg site.but import custom fields in administration page doen not work?

    how can i import my custom fields?

  • You should use "restore" when you did a backup, than you can upload the json txt file

  • HEllo !


    It's write :

    TO DO: 

    • categories and types for groups 


    Do you know when this future will be avaible ?


    Thanks for your plugin <3 !

  • Hi Jeroem, I´ve created a profile field with the "User can edit this field" option set to No, but with an admin user neither can edit the field so, how can I insert data into the field?


  • @Jeroen

    Hi and thanks for the work on the plugin. I am a bit of a newb to php and elgg having only been working on these things for a few months but I am trying to access some of the profile fields that have been assigned to users without any luck.

    For example ... If I want to retrieve the custom profile field data 'sport1' from $userguid, how is it structured? (I have tried to reverse engineer based on your code but I unfortunately got lost!). I am hoping (obviously :) ) that this is a simple task as I imagine that the data is attached to the user entity in the database as so should be simply accessible.


    Can you help me please?


    Thank you in advance,



  • Hello, 

    Profil Manager 7.7 don't seem working on the Elg 1.9 RC1. Is it right ? Or Is it me ?


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