Profile Manager v7.6.1

Release Notes

7.6.1 (2013-08-28):

  • fixed: about me field uses custom field name as label
  • fixed: auto suggested usernames no longer contains invalid characters
  • fixed: input multiselect correctly encodes options
  • fixed: incorrect listing of categories on admin configuration page if more than 10 are created

7.6 (2013-05-06):

  • added: admin option to show hints on default account fields on register form
  • fixed: live validation of account details not working in walled garden mode
  • fixed: categorized profile fields can not be reset to general category
  • fixed: only show categorie titles/tabs if there are visible fields on profile edit form
  • fixed: some php notices

7.5.2 (2013-04-05):

  • changed: better use of system cache for profile entities
  • changed: use core metadata caching instead of own version
  • changed: autoprepend http on url profile fields if missing
  • changed: query cache is disabled during profile export to prevent OOM issues
  • fixed: sticky register form values not cleared after registration
  • fixed: show correct tabs when switching profile types
  • Still no advanced search feature on the horizon then :(

  • Will this also work with elgg 1.8? If not, what's the latest version that will, and are versions between this and 7.5.1 available on github? Thanks...

  • @magicland oops... this is for 1.8, not for 1.9 (maybe it works, but not tested)

  • Still having problems with new user default profile!  Have set to newbie but nothing..?

    PM you website and user/pass if you would like to test.!

  • Is the walled garden progroblem fixed?

  • nope still having issue with new registered users default profile type!


    This option works if I let the user choose there profile type but I want to keep it for Admin only!


  • @JohnnyD I have the default set to custom profile "Newbie" but its not coming out on the profiles once they register so I have to go into profile and change it myself...!

  • @LT like i told before it is currently not possible to have a default profile type on register working if you have "Who can change the profile type" set to "admin only". In the Elgg 1.9 version i will try to take care of this use case.

  • @LT Can you not use the default and change the language file to say newbie? I have it set up like this.

  • @JohnnyD If setup that way it still wont show on profile as Newbie!

    @jdalsem I didn't know you said it wasn't possible sorry I was thinking it was just error on my side will find another solution to it!


  • Is there a way to have a member tab show custom profile types??

  • whats the metadata_name & metadata_value for default profile types???? I know the custom profile fields is "custom_profile_type" and value is based on custom name made.!  Just need to find the "default" so that I can list members with out a custom profile type defined..! 

    case 'newbie':
            $options = array(
                'metadata_name' => 'custom_profile_type', //for featured members webgalli GPL plugin
                'metadata_value' => '131',
                'limit' => 10, //number of items per page
                'pagination' => true,
                'list_type' => 'list',
                'list_class' => 'elgg-list',
                'size' => 'small',

    This is what i'm using right now but want to eliminate the custom type "newbie" and just list all members that don't have a type on ther profile and still under the default selection...!

  • Hi Jeroen, already made a remark but with the wrong version. When I activate the plugin it seems that my group tags en description are no longer shown. Once deactivated these fields show again like they should. Somehow there seems to be an interference with the group plugin/css, I am using latest Elgg and the basic_light theme.

    Thanks, Eric

  • @Eric there is no problem. The only thing you need to do is to go to the profile configuration (group fields) and import the default fields. All fields should be visible again.

  • 'Ouch' that felt stupid, you are absolutely right, works like a charm Jeroen!

    The Edit group fields tab shows just one button 'Importeer standaard velden' but I did notice two buttons on the Edit Profile Fields tab of which one stating 'Importeer custom fields' and the other 'Importeer standaard velden'. The first wasn't able to import fields and the second did import the default profile fields. Having those two buttons on the Edit profile fields tab is that meant to be or a bug / language file issue?

  • How can I display members in members tab that don't have a preset profile type...?  Similar to "ALL" members but defined to profiles with out a profile type!!!


  • Hello Jeroen. I must say this is an awesome plugin, great work!
    On custom profile fields, you can make a field non editable, and just for admins.
    I have tried set the field as non-editable and only accessible for admins, but admin cannot edit it (as supossed to be).
    I want to ask you if there is a way to make a field editable just by admins, but not for normal usuers.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Just keep the editable by user as yes, but make it an admin only field. The field will be invisible for non-admin users I think.

    The non-editable field is only for linking the database to an external softerware or something like that.

  • i am using 2 profile field groups for user profiles and i just made some changes in profile manager's admin panel to the fields in these groups, including changing the name of one of the groups.

    here is roughly what i have done:
    (years ago)

    - created two groups (information and contacts) and put some fields into each of them


    - moved 4 fields from an existing group (information) into the 'default' group/position and removed that (now empty) source group.

    - i then realised that i need these fields in a group since i do not want a group being listed with header titled as 'default'. so i created a new group and moved the 4 fields into the group (called 'my details').

    the outcome is that all looks ok in the admin panel, yet the profile only renders the fields in the group 'contacts' and the recently created group 'my details' does not render at all.

    any idea why this might be?

    i am not seeing any options that look like they might effect this so am stuck.


  • Have you made sure that the new category is linked to one the profile types you are using? Only the default one is automatically shown in all of them. Of couse this only applies if you are actually using profile types...

  • i am not using profile types

  • Can you point me in the right direction to how I can stop default members seeing the extra profile fields that are for other profile types when set to - Who can change the Profile Type = Admin Only. 

    I have been looking for the bit of code but can't find it.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

  • Anyone know of a plugin which allows us to add like "micro profile"s to the original profile? For example I want to add some info about my child in a seperate box with his name, birthdate, maybe some pictures etc. under my own info.

    Thanks in advance...

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