Profile Manager v7.5.1

Release Notes

  • added: backup of completeness count setting
  • changed: removed metadata caching in favor of elgg metadata caching
  • country_selector plugin does not workwith your plugin


  • @iluxin besides the very strange message (as you can see profile manager installed), did you check if you can add a new profile field with a country_selector type?

  • new fields does not appear

  • A field will not be automatically added. Country Selector adds a new profile field type that can be selected for a field.

  • @iluxin there is something wrong with your installation. I think the reason why you do not see a new profile type is same reason for the situation in the plugin information where it says the profile manager is not installed. Try running an upgrade...

  • Try running an upgrade...   ???

  • you can run an upgrade or flush the cache from your admin dashboard or run

  • Then i have no clue. You should look into the reason why the profile manager is not showing up as installed in the plugin information...

  • can be a problem in the new version? the old version of the plugin works.


  • #jeroen - Yes using default theme.

  • >the search feature is no longer part of profile manager

    Is there an alternative solution ? This essential function dissapeared a long time ago and I still cannot find a way to propose the possibility to search for other users on my site

  • Hi. is it normal that when I choose 'Who can change the profile type? Admin only' the differen roles are not shown on the registration form?

    if yes, what do I have to do that it is shown on the registration form but can not be changed (only the role) anymore by the user?

    Please help.

  • Hi. Is it possible to show to the User only the "Default" profile type related fields in the registration form, until he switches it to lets say "ProfileType1". Then the fields for ProfileType1 appear?

    At the moment, although at the start of the registration "Default" ist chosen in the dropdownmenu, all profiletype related fields are visible. Only after the user changes "Default" to "ProfileType1" and then back to "Default", the other fields dissappear and only the default fields are visible.

    Thanks for your help!

  • @chenny if you create custom categories and link those categories to profile types, it is possible.

  • Hi @Jeroen,

    When we create a new field, there was the option in the field type for upload an archive, for example.

    Now, it does not appear anymore, is this a problem, config or... ?


  • @ruben kenobi if you mean the file upload profile field type, that has been removed in the Elgg 1.8 version of this plugin, so it is gone for more than a year now :)

  • Hi Jeroen,

    First of all thanks for your great plugin!! I have a question which I understand will be answered in a future version of the plugin, but I need a solution right now...

    I have defined 2 subtypes of groups (subtype1 and subtype2, each of them in a new class extending the elggGroup class). Thanks to your profile manager, I'm able to create 2 dropdown lists (dp1 and dp2) as group fields, which by default appear on every group form whenever I create a new group.

    How can I associate the list dp1 to the subtype1 only, and identically dp2 with subtype2 ?

    I am really not an elgg expert but ready to code if needed!

    thanks a lot in advance for your hint!

    all the best, 

  • Hi,

    is it possible to create different registration pages, one for each custom profile, instead of select the profile in the form?

    I mean, if I have 2 profiles, profileA and profileB, I would have two links for registration:


    Does profile manager already has this feature?

    If not, is it difficult to implement? And where to start to develop it?

    Thank in advance


  • COLDTRICK RULES! Thank you for this marvelleous plugin.

  • Great plugin!

    Is there a way to display/filter members by profile type on the members page (preferrably with custom tabs)? Somewhat like the group-category plugin allows you to sort the groups.

  • I made a patch to allow different URL for each profile type.

    The URLs are:{profile type entity ID}

    I modified only the file:


    with the following code startig around row 66

            $types_result .= "<div>";

            if (empty($custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_type)) {
                $profile = $_REQUEST["page"];
                if ($profile != '') {
                    $custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_type = $profile;
                    $custom_profile_hide_select_html = ' style="visibility:hidden;"';
                } else {
                    $custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_type = elgg_get_plugin_setting("default_profile_type", "profile_manager");
                    $types_result .= "<label>" . elgg_echo("profile_manager:profile:edit:custom_profile_type:label") . "</label><br />";

            $types_result .= "<span $custom_profile_hide_select_html>" . elgg_view("input/dropdown", array(
                        "name" => "custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_type",
                        "id" => "custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_type",
                        "options_values" => $types_options_values,
                        "js" => "onchange='elgg.profile_manager.change_profile_type_register();'",
                        "value" => $custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_type)
                    ) . '</span>';



    Maybe there is a more "elggy" way to get the ID via URL than

     $profile = $_REQUEST["page"];

    but it works.

    I hope Jeroen will include this feature in the next release

  • @Satheesh PM

    I have the same error where the registration page gives me each time a warning that "You must be logged in to view this page".

    Elgg is fairly new to me, so I was wondering where I have to add this code you mention:


    the problem is happening because of "live check for valid username, email and password fields on registration form" when your site is in walled garden mode...

    to avoid that you need to add 

    elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('public_pages', 'walled_garden', 'your_theme_public_pages');


    function your_theme_public_pages($hook, $type, $return_value, $params) {

    $return_value[] = 'action/profile_manager/register/validate';

    return $return_value;



    I've tried the following pages:

    - /views/default/core/walled_garden/register.php
    - /views/default/page/walled_garden.php
    - /mod/profile_manager/actions/register/validate.php

    But editing any of these pages with that supplied code doesn't seem to help at all. I assume I'm in looking in a completely wrong place, but I don't know Elgg sufficiently to find where I have to add this. Can you please clarify what needs to be done exactly to fix the issue?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Never mind the above comment, I found it. For the people in my situation that don't know where to put these snippets of code:

    You can add the following line to /mod/profile_manager/start.php

    // extend public pages
    elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('public_pages', 'walled_garden', 'profile_manager_public_pages');

    And the following to /mod/profile_manager/lib/hooks.php

    * Extend public pages
    * @param unknown_type $hook_name
    * @param unknown_type $entity_type
    * @param unknown_type $return_value
    * @param unknown_type $parameters
    function profile_manager_public_pages($hook_name, $entity_type, $return_value, $params){
    $return = $return_value;
    $return[] = "action/profile_manager/register/validate.*";
    return $return;

    I found this on

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