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  • added: backup of completeness count setting
  • changed: removed metadata caching in favor of elgg metadata caching
  • I'm sorry for the mistakes, English is not their native language.

    I use  Elgg 1.8.15,  Apache 2.2.22 + SSL, PHP 5.3.13 + XDebug, MySQL 5.5, phpMyAdmin 3.5

    and new version Profile Manager (


    I can not create "Profile Fields" in "Categories"

    On register form doesn't work "Default profile type on registration form"

    And if i choose "No" to "User can edit this field", admin also can not change the field. It is very uncomfortable.

  • @iluxin

    I can not create "Profile Fields" in "Categories"

    After creation you can drag them to the category of your choice

    On register form doesn't work "Default profile type on registration form"

    Unable to reproduce / Need more information

    And if i choose "No" to "User can edit this field", admin also can not change the field. It is very uncomfortable.

    That is how it works. The field becomes uneditable, als by admin. Maybe in the future it will be split in editable for user and/or editable for admin. Maybe you could use the feature "admin only" for the field?

  • when registering the default profile is not selected

    although in the settings specified "Default profile type on registration form"

    in the user profile field "Profile Type" remains empty


    if use the feature "admin only" users can not see the field.


    thanks for the reply.

  • @iluxin is it also not correctly set if you check on the registration form? So if you had configured that "X" is the default profile type, do you see, on the registration form, "X" being selected?

  • my settings

    but for new users "Profile Type:" not selected


  • @iluxin but you do see the correct type set on the registration form?

  • I don't see type on the registration form

    change the type of profile can only admin

  • that is the reason. if only admin can change, it will not be set on register.

  • I thought that "Default profile type" will be selected in profile

    New users register with this profile, then an administrator can change it.

    if users can select a profile, then there is no need to designate "Default profile type"

  • Sorry to repost but has anyone had the issue i mentioned earlier regarding having "Poker" as a content of one of the "tag" custom fields created through profile manager?

  • Sorry for me too, but can anyone tell me if I can add comments and likes in profile?

  • hello, thank yoy very much for this plugin. I have created one multiselect, then when the user selects an option not recorded in the database. Is that normal?


  • una aplicacion muy verstil que te permite generar perfiles complementarios y contruir cuestionarios mucho mas complejos

  • I have a problem: I need to move the privacy field settings from each field to either a group level or profile level. The option at each field level makes it very confusing, is there an option for that or should I be changing it myself?

  • @gluck in the settings of the Profile Manager plugins there is an option to replace all individual access dropdowns with just one!

  • @Jeroen - thanks for the reply. Amazing plugin by the way.

    I have to add certain profile fields which shall contain certain metadata but I do not wish to show it on profile page. Is creating an element no editable and enabling hide non editable fields option in profile manager settings the best way to go?


  • Por favor como puedo solucionar este tema??

    Chat en Programas (Frei Chat) para Elgg 1.8.x

    Archivo start.php faltante en el package no es un plugin Elgg válido. Visite la Documentación Elgg para consejos de solución de problemas


  • plugin-members is the search for tags.

    if ($vars['search_type'] == 'tag') {
        $tag = get_input('tag');

        $title = elgg_echo('members:title:searchtag', array($tag));

        $options = array();
        $options['query'] = $tag;
        $options['type'] = "user";
        $options['offset'] = $offset;
        $options['limit'] = $limit;
        $results = elgg_trigger_plugin_hook('search', 'tags', $options, array());
        $count = $results['count'];
        $users = $results['entities'];
        $content = elgg_view_entity_list($users, array(
            'count' => $count,
            'offset' => $offset,
            'limit' => $limit,
            'full_view' => false,
            'list_type_toggle' => false,
            'pagination' => true,

    if the field is shown as a tag, your plugin uses full text search?



  • does not work "Show on profile as tags: NO"

    Field Type: Dropdown, always show on profile as tags


  • What would I have to do to make the 'extra text to show on the registration pag' actually appear to thr side of the register fields?

    At the moment if you select 'Beside Registration Form' it actually appears in the middle of the registration form.

  • Hello,

    I'm testing profile manager in different situations and noticed something that hopefully someone has experienced and found solution for.

    When I install profile manger and create different profile types on existing site, all existing users profile pages do not display any of their fields that were filled before. All "Default" profile fields were imported through manager and added to "free user" profile category/profile type. This profile type is set to be a default in manager. When I go to edit these profiles, all fields data are still populated but until I click save, these fields do not display on profile page.

    This is a problem on a site with lots of existing users. Is there a way to make this work automatically since the fields are still same as before plugin was installed? Anyone had this issue before? possible fix?


  • Posted issue on github

    I looked into profile_manager\views\default\profile\edit.php and compared with default profile\edit.php file, profile manager calls $value = $user->$metadata_name; while default profile edit file calls $value = $user->$shortname;
    So it seems like user metadata has not been saved yet (until you click save) therefore it's not displaying even with default fields imported and info in those fields are still visible.
    Maybe some kind of php if statement that checks if default fields exist and have any values in them could solve it

  • Anyone noticed this behavior when installing profile manager on existing site with many users?

    If site has hundreds of users it would take forever to update all profiles or you'd have to notify all members to go and re-save their profile details.

  • You can make a profile field, where the user specifies its location. country, city.  the user selects the country and selects the city from the list of this country?

  • @jeditor are you using the default theme?

    @thisscriptlover i will look into the issue

    @iluxin there is nothing in profile manager that can do that, but you use the country_selector plugin (countries + states in USA + CA)

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