Profile Manager v7.5.1

Release Notes

  • added: backup of completeness count setting
  • changed: removed metadata caching in favor of elgg metadata caching
  • @LT do you see on the registerform (when registering a new user) that it is correctly set to newbie? Did you try it with the github version of Profile Manager?

  • it doesnt show up on registerform and i am using the "profile manager 7.5.1" I tried to use "profile manager 7.6" but the settings option doesn't show when activated???  Am i suppose to change folder name cause it says "profile_manager-master"?

  • @LT yes, you need to rename it to profile_manager, or copy contents to the already existing profile_manager folder

  • Made the change but still not giving me option on registration and made a account and still not listing new registered as default profile newbie??

  • @LT it sounds like a bad installation or a conflict

  • the custom profile fields that i made to list on regestration form work and are listed but just not the profile type?  I've checked

    "Default profile type on registration form" set to Newbie

    "Hide the 'Default' profile type on registration form" did the yes and no but nothing

  • I have been playing around with the settings and it works as it should when set to - Who can change the profile type? = USER. The problem is only when set to ADMIN ONLY.  

    When the - Who can change the profile type? is set to ADMIN ONLY - Members can see/edit the extra profile field even though ADMIN has set their profile to Default. 

  • Not sure if this is already known/mentioned but there's too many comments to do a quick check:)

    I am experiencing the loss of group tags and group description when this plugin is activated. I am using the latest Elgg version with the basic_light theme. I like the plugin and I think it is needed to use the Skype plugin so I hope it can be fixed?

    Thanks, great plugin Jeroen!

  • Thanks for the great plugin Jeroen! 

    Does anybody know if its possible to add the field type 'location' to groups with this plugin or if not perhaps another plugin?


  • Indeed a great plugin! I have a new site instance and have Profile Manager installed. A problem I am having is that when I try and add a profile filed and saveit I get the error 'Metadata name is an invalid name" can anybody suggest what is wrong here please? Thanks

  • @Jeroen Dalsem

    Re hereunder :


    Szirmai Tibor 258 days ago

    Hi Jeroen,

    I'm brand new in Elgg development, and I use Elgg 1.8.14; and would like to allow users to search on multiple profile fields, added by profile manager. I see on your screenshots options at the field settings: "Show on simple search form" and "Show on advanced search form". These settings don't appear on my site! ("Admin only" option is the last one) What did I miss? How can I insert search widget to my page, that uses multiple profile fields?


    I'd very much like the same functionality. Any solutions ? Any thoughts on why you removed it and if there is anything in Elgg nowwhich can do the same ?

    Appreciate much all your inputs...



  • Could someone help me on how to add profile manager plug in in cnet?

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