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Release Notes

  • added: backup of completeness count setting
  • changed: removed metadata caching in favor of elgg metadata caching
  • @museverte, this problem is fixed already.. get the latest version from github..

    Jeroen Dalsem110 days ago

    Github version already contains fix for walled garden issue

  • Hi,

    Am I right in saying that the search facility ws taken out of this? I see that has the advanced search facility in, and is running the latest version of Elgg. How do I go about a search facility i.e. the ability to search based on what fields are selected?

    if this is the wrong place to put this question up, please direct me elsewhere, and accept my apologies, I'm new :)



  • Jeroen, what would be required for your to re-implement the search support/functionality?

    Perhaps you could open a contribution section/page so that those of us who REALLY need it, could send you some "incentives".

    Oh... and thanks for such a wonderful plugin!



  • @ammy and @xavier since Elgg 1.8 the search functionality has been dropped. Problem is that the search feature will very quickly be not working for a site as it can become a huge performance drain. A better option would be to look for a good external search engine to handle these advanced searches.

  • Under "edit goup field" when I add a field for "tags" in groups and set it to "yes" for "Show on profile as tags, there is no output on the group page. however if you set "show on profile as tags to "no", it seems to work fine.

  • @Jeroen take a look at - as featured on the Elgg showcase. You can see they have an advanced search field facility, which I presumed was part of this plugin. That is exactly what I want, can you or anyone recommend anything like this i.e. can you recommend a good external search engine (which I presume by the way, you mean by a plugin)?

    Currently, I see no point being able to categorise profiles without the ability to search by them too.

    But aside from that, credit where its due - nice plugin! Just getting into Elgg for a project and so far I'm impressed.

  • @ammykami83 the functionality on myfreepersonals is not (all) from Profile Manager, so maybe contacting the owner of that site and asking how he/she did it will point you in the right direction.

  • @Jeroen ahh OK, perhaps he has developed his own plugin.

    Meanwhile, checking back on one of your earlier comments on a previous version release (7.0), you are quoted to have said:

    "On a side note: The member search will probably be removed from this plugin as we will develop a new search plugin. That search plugin will be integrated wit the profile manager, so you will keep the same functionality."

    Is this still going ahead?

    Many thanks! :)

  • @ammykami83 there still are plans, but nothing is currently developed that can provide you with this search functionality.

  • Cool. By the sounds of it I'm not the only one looking forward to this advanced search facility.

  • Just looking at this search, and I see under the default packaged "members" page, there is a "search by tag" and "search by name" box in the sidebar. Which makes me think, is there a way of editing this default members page to include a search by profile fields?

    I'm truly lost in the Elgg documentation, I'm more of a Wordpress man ya see :|

  • Well, you can make some of profile fields appear as tags and then use the search by tag feature. However strangely enough it doesn't seem to work on my page, even though the tags seem to be created as needed (through the regular search function they will appear).

  • @Krischan - I had that issue too, the tag search wasn't working with this plugin. Even with "Show fields as tags" clicked to Yes.

    OK, well I spent last night playing around with the older version and I now have a better understanding of where the changes were made.

    I guess the question is - is there a little bit of code that can be put in which adds the extended field search functionality as there is no third part plugin that does this currently. And I also guess that answer is no :)

  • A great plugin but I seem to be having a problem with displaying different profile fields.

    I have 2 profile types. Default and My_Added_Profile_Type. My_Added_Profile_Type has one category defined to it and that category has 1 profile field.

    I have it set up so that admin only can change the Profile Type which works OK. When logged in as ADMIN and I set a members profile to default I only see the default profile fields. Set it to My_Added_Profile_Type and it adds the extra profile field ok. 

    The problem is that when a member goes to their edit profile page they can see the extra profile field even though their profile is set at Default. 

    Do you know what I am doing wrong or is this the way it should be?

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

  • @ Jeroen: Would it be possible to make profile/group-fields not only appear "taggified" (e.g. you can click and it will search for this tag) but also actually add this as a tag to the group/profile so that a tag-search also turns up that group or profile?

  • default profile type is not loading when new member registers???

  • also I just loaded the 7.6 master from github but its not working right and not giving me a setup page am i suppose to leave 7.5.1 acctivated or what do i need to do to update it?

  • @johnnyD i will look into that

    @krischan that should already be the case

    @LT why is it not working right? Updating a plugin is as simple as overwriting the plugin files... If you download from github, make sure to rename the plugin folder to profile_manager

  • @Jerome

    You are correct they are tags, but strangely enough if I use the sidepannel "search groups by tag" function they don't show up.

  • @krischan this is a problem of the groups search. If you use the global search functionality they will show up under tags

  • I did over ride files and it loaded but didn't display a setting folder?

    Also made a couple of profile types and set default to a specific on but isn't applying to registered profiles????


  • @LT do you mean new registrations? Or are you expecting already registered users to also change profile type?

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Thanks! I have this set up the same on 2 installations and it is the same on both.

    Also I noticed that when a default member fills in the 'My_Added_Profile_Type' profile field it will save it and display it on the Summary View but it does not show on their profile.   

    Hope I have explained this OK.

  • The new registrations are not being set with profile type "newbie" as setup on profile manager

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