Profile Manager v7.5.1

Release Notes

  • added: backup of completeness count setting
  • changed: removed metadata caching in favor of elgg metadata caching
  • Be advised: minimal Elgg release requirement has been upped. It now requires 1.8.9 or higher.

  • is anyone else seeing the group name being duplicated in the group edit pages?
    i've had this effect with profile manager for a long while. i'm not seeing any setting that is causing it (there are only 2 fields listed for groups in the admin and 'group name' is not one of them).

  • First of all; the plugin is great, thank you for this!

    When I let someone login in the site with linkedin with the social connect 1.1.2 plugin, the user always gets the standard user profile and not a custom profile from the profile manager. Is there a way that I can give a user that logs in with linkedin a custom profile, made with profile manager?

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I'm brand new in Elgg development, and I use Elgg 1.8.14; and would like to allow users to search on multiple profile fields, added by profile manager. I see on your screenshots options at the field settings: "Show on simple search form" and "Show on advanced search form". These settings don't appear on my site! ("Admin only" option is the last one) What did I miss? How can I insert search widget to my page, that uses multiple profile fields?


  • m facing a very unique kind of error at my website.."when someone invite his/her friend then invitation mail hs been sent but when that mail acessed by reciver through provided link then next page will open which is for registration .Here the prb is- when user started to filling the registration form then at the same time on the right side of registration page Some errors are countiniously displaying in RED  says"YOU MUST BE LOGIN TO VIEW THIS PAGE." and later i checked it happend with normal register page after typing email address its started displaying countiniously.... i tried to disable plugins one by one but doesnt work ,when i disable profile manger then this error s vanished ...i dont know why ..may be i did something stupid need help its look so annoyed...please help

  • @sajid are you by any change behind a walled garden?

  • @Szirmai the search feature is no longer part of profile manager. The screenshots still contain that feature, but since Elgg 1.8 that feature is removed from this plugin.

  • @klaas nederlands? :) There is no automatic linking of profile types. You have to program something to make this happen.

  • No,initially i didnt know what actully went wrong.then i started to reading disccussion topics regarding this issue,at last i installed ionly's login required .and also checked the button of restrict to view page only for logged in users.But prb was same .then after i started to disabling installed plugins one by one and when i disable profile manager it worked...i desprately need your plugin...without this cant imagine my site.any idea how can i resolve this issue? 

  • @sajid and if you disable all (non core) plugins, and only activate profile manager? Do you have the problem then?

  • how to add a Profile Fields in the Categories?

  • @Sajid,

    the problem is happening because of "live check for valid username, email and password fields on registration form" when your site is in walled garden mode...

    to avoid that you need to add 

    elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('public_pages', 'walled_garden', 'your_theme_public_pages');



    function your_theme_public_pages($hook, $type, $return_value, $params) {

    $return_value[] = 'action/profile_manager/register/validate';

    return $return_value;

    this one solves my problem.. you can also try this

  • @satheesh that is why i asked if his is using a walled garden, but @sajid said he is not.

  • @jeroem, He has alrady using walled garden see his statement

    t last i installed ionly's login required .and also checked the button of restrict to view page only for logged in users


  • @satheesh than your solution will fix it. I believe that fix should be part of the Profile Manager plugin, so it will be added in a next release.

  • @Sajid, Satheesh @ Jeroen: just a brief info regarding the Loginrequired plugin functionality in case this question / problem arises again somewhere... The Loginrequired plugin is a walled-garden plugin indeed. Also, it is fully compatible to the Elgg core 'public_pages', 'walled_garden' plugin hook beside offering the possibility to define exceptions from the walled-garden on its own. You only need to place the Loginrequired plugin below the plugin where you registered a corresponding hook function to be on the save side regarding the hook function being taken into account.

  • @Satheesh thank you very much for the help..Yeah !!! after adding those lines it worked...

    @Jeroen will be waiting for ur next release..thnkx alt..

  • @jeroen,

    it would be much help full for everyone if you can extend the "mandatory" to profile fields when users are editing the profile, which is now only for registration form

  • also an option to choose the default language in sign-up would be useful.

  • First of all thank you for your awesome job with this plugin.
    I'm putting the extra profile fields beside the registration form, but I want that fields to be in line with the fields that comes with elgg. Where can I change that?

    Thank you.

  • not work with elgg 1.8.14

    1 Show hints for default account registration questions  (always shows: Enter the name which will be shown on your profile )

    2 Default profile type on registration form

    3 Allow users to change their username in settings



  • @pitrich all the items you mention have been checked and they are all working as they should be. If you still have the problem, please investigate some more and provide some more details why you think it is not working.

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