Profile Manager v7.4

Release Notes

  • added: support for date fields (with core date input/output views)
  • added: listing of inactive users (with last login before date x)
  • added: download list of inactive user to csv
  • added: option to hide the 'default' profile type option on registration (default visible)
  • added: optional river event on site join (default enabled)
  • added: remember me code part of user system category
  • added: registration form widget (experimental)
  • changed: multiselect now uses different/better js library
  • changed: moved some code around so plugin settings are only check when needed (reduces query amount)
  • fixed: field type names now use core language keys
  • fixed: output as tags now only converts to array if needed
  • fixed: some incompatibility issues with Subsite Manager
  • fixed: some php notices
  • fixed: correct check on lowercase metadataname existence
  • fixed: memcache not updated on toggleOption action
  • fixed: multiselect can not handle array passed in value
  • fixed: some small issues related to user summary control
  • @brandy currently there is no feature for that

  • Thank you for your answer. How did they do it on this site?
    I have one more question: I want to make to types of profiles in my community - one, who offers something, and one who will need this. So I chose Profile Manager, where I can make different fields on registration. Is it possible to differ between profiles on the selection of the field?

    Thank you very much...

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Thanks for the great plugin. I have created a Birthdate field at user registration but was hoping to simply get users to enter the date in the dd-mm-yyyy format. I do not see any difference in the Calendar and Date option in release 7.4 of the Profile Manager. Any advice on how to create a birthdate field? Also, will the much anticipated search plugin allow for search by age?

    Thanks again!!


  • I love this useful plugin, I have made dropdown country list but how I can make a sub dropdown under country or next to the country field? Let's say if users select United Kingdom then next field should be the cities or states of that country... How I can do that please? 

  • are you kidding !!! that will need a database approx 25MB-50MB to just store all that data !?!?!?!??;-P do you have enough disk space on your hosting ?

  • @brandy you can link different categories to the different profile types and you can link different fields to the different categories

    @hughS some field types are there for backwards compatibility. The date field is the one that i recommend. People can enter their date or select it from a dropdown. I do not know if the search by age will be part of the search plugin.

    @kisssssssssss4ever (did i misss an s?) the related dropdowns are not part of the profile manager. There is the country selector plugin which has such feature (and integrates with profile manager). But that only has a subselection of states for the USA and CANADA, but maybe you could extend it.

    @dhrup i think for the UK only that the amount of data will be manageable

  • @DhrupDeScoop thanks for the reply, well I have unlimited hosting :P I have 5 more others sites along with my elgg site. I have cities in all websites along with countries. I can add cities one by one for each country will be a big pain but looks like I have to do it manually :)

    @Jeroen Dalsem thanks for the answer regarding my cities question. But one thing more which will be useful for all other members and I am sure that is possible.

    I noted one thing and would like to know is there any way to make the Field has a blank option for birthday field?

    Because I have birthday field in registeration form and when users go to that page to sign up they leave the birthday field empty and sign up because birthday field has current date month year already in default. If we can make that birthday field blank same like other field where we can select this  Field has a blank option field so users will always pick their date of birth along with the year. I hope you got my point, and understand what I mean.

    In short words I wanna say, in Birthday field the option Field has a blank option is disable how to make it enable ?

    Many thanks!


  • won't be just a pain.. where will anyone get all that data ? for all of the 200 or so countries ? even if you can get data you'll be typing for the next several months :o( ps: do you really have a list of all the countries with all their cities setup as a <select input ? ;-) (text listings) 3900 cities (144MB!)

  • @kisssssss4ever - Do you want to be able to filter users by city and country? If just by country, then you can do it the way I did: I use this plugin to get where the users are living. Then i extract the country, using google map api, from the prompted location thay have choosen and store a relationship between the user and the country (I have about 200 countires stored as entities). You could do something similiar


  • Great plugin! What more do one need?

  • I have a problem with password reset, users do receive a new password but cannot login anyway.

    I've read on the community that it is related to profile manager.

    How can this be fixed ?

  • I am trying to use the same configuration that I defined using the Profile Manager in the User Summary Control (profile photo, name, and title) to display select members on my index page in an HTML block titled "Important Members of My Community". Any ideas on whether I can reuse this configuration from the Profile Manager plugin? 

  • just use the elgg_view_entity($user_entity) function

  • When I edit my profile and click the save button I am redirected to a white screen, url:, instead of back to my profile.


    Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance!

  • @mickey you can turn on display_errors in htaccess so you can see if there are any errors

  • Jeroen, great plugin, thank you. Love it.

    One question for you: I would be interested in the "To Do" feature that I think you call "Force empty fields on profile", which I hope would force on the user profile each field to show even if empty.

    Would you have any tips on how to implement this? I took a stab at it by trying to overwrite the profile/details.php in our theme and in it getting the list of all configured fields using this code:

        $options = array(
                "type" => "object",
                "subtype" => CUSTOM_PROFILE_FIELDS_PROFILE_SUBTYPE,
                "limit" => false,
                "order_by_metadata" => array(array('name' => 'order', 'direction' => "asc", 'as' => "integer")),
                "owner_guid" => elgg_get_site_entity()->getGUID(),
                "pagination" => false,
                "full_view" => false
        $field_list = elgg_get_entities($options);

    I was hoping to use this list of configured theme in conjunction with the list of fields for the current user to display both empty and filled fields.

    But that does not function... It only returns the new custom fields without the default Elgg fields that where imported, and the order part does not function either...

    Any hints?


  • @seb should be pretty easy: find line 295 in functions.php where it says

    if(!empty($user_value) || $user_value === 0){

    just comment out that if statement and empty values should appear.

    * not tested :)

  • hi jeroen,

    loved this plugin. 

    is there any possiblity to add 1) print profile button 2) email profile 3) user can customize profile fields. 3) how to show the 'edit profile' screen in accordian style 4) can we have profile background image like fb.


  • Hi Jeroen. First, thanks for your great plugin.

    I have a question... All i want is to have 2 profile types and during registration users can select which profile they want to use.

    So i created 2 profile types and 2 categories with different fields (1 category for each profile).

    In settings, at "Hide the 'Default' profile type on registration form" i selected "Yes" and at "Default profile type on registration form" i selected 1st profile i created.

    So now in registration i expect to see registration fields of 1st prosifle, with a dropdown option for changing profile type for registration. It works like this when i edit my profile. But instead of this, i see the default registration form of elgg.

    What i do wrong? Or what i missunderstood?




  • Hmmm, i got it.

    I changed "Who can change the profile type" to "User" and it's fine now

  • I am new to elgg. I was trying to add a new group profile field but I don't know what "options (comma seperated)*" field does and when I try to type something it say it is the wrong metatype. I tried to find some documentation but cannot find anything about it. Could you please tell me where I can find some documentation about this plugin? 

  • very nice plugin

    hope new version with mendatory fields option

  • i am using elgg-1.8.16 and also installed in mod/profile manager 7.4.1 and i added extra fields like location,city,state and working fine in my localhost and i need to add same fields in loginpage/register.can u please help me.....

  • i got it.thank you....

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