Profile Manager v7.4.1

Release Notes

7.4.1 (2012-10-30):

  • fixed: trigger some object saves to prevent memcache issues
  • fixed: selected value issue with multiselect
  • fixed: multiselect values not saved correctly when using IE7
  • fixed: issue with profile types description on registration form (thanks limdauto)
  • how to set the language of datepicker as pt-BR?

  • 'profile_manager:datepicker:input:localisation'  => '', .....
    --- try value = pt-BR


  • @DhrupDeScoop thanks

    how to set the language of 'profile_manager:datepicker:output:dateformat' as pt-BR?

  • Please, is there any way to configure the member signup process? I want to add other textaria that the member will have to fill in in the signup process. Any help?

  • @Abraham: 

    Step 1: allow user to edit profile type

    Step 2: add profile categories, add profile types to these categories and bind them to profile types. They'll show up on registration form.

  • Please, even though I should move away from pm datepicker, can you tell me how to fix the problem when user selects a date that is within summer time? It insists on displaying the date like "Sat Nov 10 2012 12:00:00 GMT-0200 (Horário brasileiro de verão)" instead of a nice formatted date. But that only happens when the date selected is summer time.


  • First, thanks for a great plugin. Makes life so much easier. Second I need help regarding some of the things I am trying to achieve with this:

    1. I need to have a search on custom fields that I added using profile manager. Ex: searching for men in a particular location. How do I achieve it? I added custom field sex and location in profile manager and if I set it to use as tags, it shows up in the search. Is that how it is intended to be used?

    2. I need to search on multiple fields like age, location, sex etc. Can I achieve multiple field search results?

    3. The user needs to input date of birth, but the search is based on age like between 20-30 years old. How can that be achieved?

    4. Is there a user guide or help that explains the intent and idea behind the plugin?

    I would appreciate if some one could help me this issue.

  • @Jeroen. I am using 7.4.1 and only administrators can see the profiles users create (users cans see own profiles). However, other site users can not see regardless of permission setting (logged in user/friends/collections). Testing on 1.8.11 with only core plugins. Profile Widgets are visible with appropriate permissions. Can you think of what may be causing this? 

  • Whatever the issue(s) were. 1.8.12 fixed them for me...

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I got an idea about new functionality for profile manager that looks like recomendations in Linkedin. I had a discussion with @iion on his Userpoints plugin about this You might be interested. Just go to his plugin page and search for Linkedin.

  • I'm having an issue that I can't seem to figure out.  I have a couple profile types with specific catagories and fields for those types.  As an Admin, when I edit a user's profile everything works fine, I select a certain profile type and its fields are displayed.  But if the user edits their own profile, they see all fields from all profile types.  Am I missing something?

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I'm brand new in Elgg development, and I use Elgg 1.8.14; and would like to allow users to search on multiple profile fields, added by profile manager. I see on your screenshots options at the field settings: "Show on simple search form" and "Show on advanced search form". These settings don't appear on my site! ("Admin only" option is the last one) What did I miss? How can I insert search widget to my page, that uses multiple profile fields?

    I saw this question before, but I can't see working solution.


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