Profile Manager v7.4.1

Release Notes

7.4.1 (2012-10-30):

  • fixed: trigger some object saves to prevent memcache issues
  • fixed: selected value issue with multiselect
  • fixed: multiselect values not saved correctly when using IE7
  • fixed: issue with profile types description on registration form (thanks limdauto)
  • Simply update via "overwrite existing folder in /mod"?

  • yep, but also reset the cache or run upgrade.php

  • its a very nice plugin. Ive fond an interesting thing while using this plugin. The fields marked as mandatory works only in registration form but not while editing profile... is it possible to make mandatory while editing the profile too?


  • @satheesh indeed the mandatory fields only are enforced on the registration form. That is currently by design.

  • Love this plugin. But one thing is not suitable for me. Accordion is not handy for big categories, "just collapsible" (not an accordion style) would be a nice option.

  • Very nice plugin @Jeroen. Thank tou very much. Is there any way to use field names and descriptions in a manner that elgg_echo() could translate them to various languages?

  • What would life be without this plugin?

  • @ Jeroem Dalsem, Thanks for your effort. Everything works fine except the callender or date picker.

    I have this problem with date picker or callender... Here is the picture.

    Twizanex date picker

    How can it be fixed so that the Years, date, and days does not overllap?




  • @jalaljaberi there is currently such feature to translate the labels and hints. Look at the tooltips when creating a field for more info on how to add those translations.

    @Tom you probably are using the pm_datepicker field type. If it is possible try to switch to the date field type because pm_datepicker will be deprecated soon.

  • In my env. Calendar does not pop up for a 'Date'/'Calendar' type fields on the registration. This only happens in the walled-garden mode. Anybody has any idea?

    BTW, does anybody know the reason why Categores, Types & their relationships are not backedup?

  • When I try to restore a 7.4 backed-up PM info on a 7.4.1 PM (on a clean Elgg 1.8.8 with PM as the only non-bundled plugin), I get the following error, has anybody come accross the same issue?

    Incorrect key file for table '/home/users/disk1/tmp/#sql_77f_7.MYI'; try to repair it
    QUERY: SELECT DISTINCT n_table.*, n.string as name, v.string as value FROM elgg_metadata n_table JOIN elgg_entities e ON n_table.entity_guid = e.guid JOIN elgg_metastrings n on n_table.name_id = JOIN elgg_metastrings v on n_table.value_id = WHERE (e.guid IN (57)) AND ( (1 = 1) and e.enabled='yes') ORDER BY n_table.time_created asc,

    DatabaseException Object

  • Thank you for a great plugin.

    I would like the user to be able to set their profile type on registration and then only allow the admin to change it after that. Would it be difficult to add this feature?

    Thank you.

  • @Jeroen Dalsem Hi, what is the difference between the 'Date' & 'Calender' controls? In my installation they seem to look and behave identically (unless I miss something or have an installation issue).

    BTW, the advantage of pm_datepicker is that you could individually pick months and years. It is a great advantage over both Date and Calender controls. Imagine entering the birdate of someone born in early as 70s... I know you can directly type into the field but the pop-up gets the user's attention, almost forcing him/her to go month by month backwards, until you reach 70s... Sorry to hear that pm_datepicker is to be deprecated.


  • @Jeroen

    Could you make the profile icon available in registration without being mandatory ? Tablets like IPAD do not support uploading files and therefore cannot register.

    I made a workaround by setting the mandatory setting in admin to no and display the field in registration anyway, but that is against your design. 


  • @jdalsem there's something wrong with the profile manager datepicker internationalization. It stores an english string instead of formatting it correctly according to the localization js.

  • the string is always something like this: 

    "Sat Nov 10 2012 12:00:00 GMT-0200 (Horário brasileiro de verão)"

  • I did some tests:

    In input/pm_datepicker.php if I forte $val to something like "04-04-1990", then edit the profile and select whatever date I want, the date is correctly stored.

    It's like the first time the user enters the edit form, it has to read a string in the format "xx-yy-zzzz", then whatever date i choose from the datepicker works.

    Why does this happen? Any ideas?

    It didn't seem to happen in version 7.3 which I was using before upgrading to 7.4.1.

  • Okay, I just figured it out.

    The " (Horário brasileiro de verão)" is messing with strftime. The question not is why does it attach the " (Horário brasileiro de verão)" (which means summer time, by the way) to the string? How to avoid that?

  • @GeorgeB. you should move away from the pm_datepicker fieldtype and start using the default elgg "date" fieldtype. The pm_datepicker will be deprecated in a future version.

  • @Jeroen Dalsem why? Pm datepicker is much better than the original.

  • I just noticed that the User Summary Control Summary View does not show the custom profile type value. Does anyone have the same problem?

  • metadata_value =>birthday is not getting fetched... i dont know y? rest everything works...


  • The Problem with the default date picker is that you have to go month by month, even If you need to select a different year. Is there a way to solve that? That's very bad if you have to select your birthday, for instance.

  • The Problem with the default date picker is that you have to go month by month, even If you need to select a different year. Is there a way to solve that? That's very bad if you have to select your birthday, for instance.

  • Does this plugin work with v1.8.9? In testing, I create a new profile type Couple. Then create a new Category "couple" which is associated with the profile type Couple via the checkbox in the category form.  I select the Couple category to add a field, and when saved, the field shows up under Default. Not the Couple category. I then drag that field to the Couple category and get a warning: An unknown error occured while changing the category.

    The field does not appear to change to the Couple category, still showing under Default. However, once you refresh the admin/appearance/profile_fields page, the field shows under the Couple category. So, it is obviously being saved correctly, just not updating on the page until you refresh.

    Also, I understand Group Fields adds a field to Groups edit forms, but is there a way to group profile fields together? In my example above, if I'm making a Couple profile, I would like to group "person 1" fields together, then group "person two" so they can be easily distinguished in the edit form and profile page.

    Or, perhaps my trying to create couple profiles is too taxing and worthless... lol 

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