Profile Manager v7.3

Release Notes

7.3 (2012-03-15):

  • added: user summary control
  • added: rating field type
  • added: option to allow users to change their username
  • changed: info icons replaced with elgg default info icon
  • changed: version requirement to 1.8.1 to support info icon


  • I added this plugin after the Profile plugin and now users no longer have the ability to upload and maintani an avatar - any ideas?

  • @adrian currently we use this version a lot on site for our clients and we never heard of this issue before. If it is possible it would be great if you could troubleshoot the problem and report more details here.

  • hi all,
    I'm interested in this plugin but I can not activate it returns me this error: "This plugin has unmet dependencies and cannot be activated. Check dependencies under more info."

    what should i do??


  • @hanane you could start by checking the dependencies

  • I found this :

    TypeNameTested ValueActual valueComment
    Requires Elgg version >= 2011110700 2011061200 error
    Requires Plugin: profile any -- error
    Requires Priority After profile profile is not installed ok
    Suggests Plugin: groups any 1.8 ok
    Suggests Priority After groups After groups ok
    Provides Plugin: profile_manager 7.3 -- ok
  • @hanane you should upgrade to a newer version of Elgg and enable the profile plugin to solve the errors

  • ok

    Profile 1.8 plugin was disabled I just activate it but the version of elgg is 1.8.1 so I dont understand???

  • Currently there is 1.8.4 out, so you should upgrade to a newer version to use this version of Profile Manager

  • Hello Jeroen

    I think we found a small problem with respect to tag rendering. When we selected one of our attributes to display as a tag, nothing was displayed. We think the reason why is because there were no commas in the attribute value, hence the function string_to_tag_array misbehaved. When adding the piece of code below, it seems to fix it.


    // adjust output type
                                            if($field->output_as_tags == "yes"){
                                                    $output_type = "tags";
                                                    $value = string_to_tag_array($value);
                                            } else {


    // adjust output type
                                            if($field->output_as_tags == "yes"){
                                                    $output_type = "tags";
                                                    if (! preg_match('/,/',$value)){
                                                            $value = $value.',';
                                                    $value = string_to_tag_array($value);
                                            } else {

  • @bruno i've tested your bugreport, but are unable to reproduce it. If i add a text field with show as tags and enter just a single value, it will show up as a tag field with no problem. Are there specific steps you can do to reproduce this problem? Starting with a new field?

  • This plugin is fully compatible with tabbed plugin except few things.

    1). Cattegories are not appear on profile.

    2). Profile type is appeared in edit profile but not on profile page.

    3). Profile Manager date picker is not working.


  • I am on 1.8.4 and tabbed_profile is available here

  • @ghumanz so it is not really *fully* compatible :)

  • someone know how to show the profile type in the register page but that the user can´t edit it. Only the profile type, the other fields yes...

    anyone help me!!



  • As much I needed it works and I am going to use it but if you just test it or make it fully compatible then it will be a better Idea.

    One more bug profile icon is showing on registration form but even after selecting an icon it give an error like please provide profile icon.

  • thanks Jeroen, this plugin really great!!

    but, in this plugin, we can use search function with "tag" type, can't we? Actually I want to use search function not from tag type coz my profile will look messed if I mark all of fields with tag type.

    Could you help me, how can I use search function beside tag type?



  • @asra1512 currently there is no other way to search the profile data, but i'm working on an improved search plugin that will support searching users profile data.

  • @JD... Commendable work.

    @ALL... activated on 1.8.4 install and am using river_activity_3c which displays a Featured Groups widget that displays the groups Title and Brief Description. When profile_manager is activated the description and briefdescription fields in groups isn't visible and if I try to Add them I get an error message "metadata name is an invalid name" I can call it brief_description but then that's not displayed in the Featured Groups widget. Can anyone help? Also on my registration page, the first field added by profile_manager below the usual fields is too close and needs a 8px margin-top. How can that be done?


  • @Jeroen Dalsem

    woah, thanks for your reply. I'll try to find another way to fixing my problem and wait for ur plugin of course. Hope that plugin will great like this profile manager plugin! :)


  • what i feel is this plugin has to be merged in to the core plugin profile..

  • During my short & intermitted elgg affair, this is one of the most professional plug-ins (that is, other than the bread and butter plug-ins by core developers) that I have seen. Really good. These guys know what they are doing.

    Quick-Observations (with Elgg 1.8.4 in a reasonably clean testbed -apologies for any mistaked I might have made )

    - Calender types: When "Calender' is used, it works fine on registration screen, but on 'edit profile' screen:

    Deprecated in 1.8: view: input/calendar is deprecated by input/date Called from [#9] C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\elgg-1.8.4\engine\lib\views.php:503 Deprecated in 1.8: input/datepicker was deprecated in favor of input/date Called from [#11] C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\elgg-1.8.4\engine\lib\views.php:503

    - Calender types: Profile Manager style datepicker (pm_datepicker) is pretty useful given the fact that it allows individual selection of year and month as well as days. This is especially useful when you need to enter a day in far distant past, like a birthdate. In this respect pm_datepicker is far more useful than the original calender type. But what both miss is direct entry in the field. Some people might prefer to select a date from the visual calender but for the rest of us, nothing beats typing in simply: 01/01/1982..

    - Non-English characters in Metadata not allowed: This can be ferfectly normal due to the underlying tools (mysql etc). It is just an observation. When you need to create a field with "Ülkesel" or "Şeker", you can not create the field. The good thing is, it allows the use of these Turkish characters (ç,ğ,ö,ü,ş) in the Label field. Hence no issue here.


    The first things which come to mind are:

    - Currently on the Register screen, you can choose to piggyback the admin-defined fields. Great feature. It would also be useful to have the freedom of reordering all fields on the register screen, including the standard ones.

    - To have the option of overriding standard registration fields with with a pre-defined fields from a set. I know that those fields defined for a reason and elgg depends on them. This can be circumvented with pre-defined conversion fields which provide elgg with what it needs from user input, rather than a total freedom of replacing them with any field. E.g. Instead of forcing user to define a username, there can be an option to force user to specify email address as username. This might look like out of the scope for this plug-in but, is it? Given the fact that it already does a lot for register screen.

    - pm_datepicker calender type allowing direct date entry from keyboard into the field, rather than only picking date components visually.

    - Currently I could manage to display admin-defined fields on the registration screen and on the 'edit profile' screen. It would be useful also to have the option to specify whether a field to be displayed on the (read only) profile screen, to the right of picture "avatar".

    - When you make a field "not modifiable by user", it currently displays "This field can not be edited". Would it not be better in any case to instead display the content? E.g. Date of Birth is an unmodifiable field which user fills in during registration and then can not change. If in the 'edit profile' page only the birthdate is displayed, user will realize after 2 clicks that it is not modifiable. In any case, displaying the contents of the unmodifiable information would be good.

    Anyways, maybe these are too much and if anybody is planning to run a professional site, they could pay these guys and get them implemented. They proved that they are capable of doing great plug-ins.


    p.s. I agree with Satheesh PM that this plugin definitely qualifies for being in the core plugins.

  • Hello Jeroen,

    you might remember that I had asked a little while ago about the possibility to create profile fields within the code of another plugin to be used when the profile_manager plugin is active. I have finally managed to start coding on this little project. Within the other plugin I create the profile fields using the Elgg core "'profile:fields', 'profile'" plugin hook. For example for a single new field like this

    function my_profile_fields_plugin_handler($hook, $type, $return_value, $params) {
       $return_value['field_name'] = 'text';
       return $return_value;

    Without using the plugin_manager plugin enabled this works fine. To also be able to use the plugin_manager plugin I'm checking if it's active - and in case it is - I'm creating the corresponding ProfileManagerCustomProfileField objects additionally via the plugin_manager "'categorized_profile_fields', 'profile_manager'" plugin hook as you had suggested earlier. For example for the above single new field like this

    function my_profile_manager_plugin_handler($hook, $type, $return_value, $params) {
        $result = $return_value;

        $result["categories"][-1] = '';
        $result["fields"][-1] = array();

        $system_field = new ProfileManagerCustomProfileField();
        $system_field->metadata_name = 'field_name';
        $system_field->metadata_type = 'text';
        $result["fields"][-1][] = $system_field;

        return $result;

    Basically, this also works already (also when disabling the plugin_manager plugin at a later time again it still seems to work - needs some further testing though).

    But there are some issues I have not yet managed to solve yet and I'm hoping you might be able to help me here:

    • even when there hasn't been made any input for the profile field yet, it still gets displayed on the profile page with plugin_manager enabled (when disabled it gets not displayed as intended).
    • I've not yet managed to get the definition of the category for the new profile fields right. I would like to not define a new separate category but to include the fields in the "default profile fields" category. Is this even possible? With the code above the category seems to be "Default" on the "edit profile" page although my fields get listed separately at the end within a second separate "Default" category. I guess I would need to modify the line $result["categories"][-1] = ''; to be able to define the category but I have not yet found out how. The "-1" seems to be responsible for the fields to be shown within the "System (admin only)" category on the profile page. Whenever I changed the "-1" to something different so far my profile fields vanished unfortunately. 

    If you could give me a little support it would be great!

  • P.S.: I think I got the category issue fixed...Adding the fields to the returned array with

    $result["fields"][0][] = $system_field; // I KNEW default category would be 0!!!

    AND ADDITIONALLY ommiting these lines altogether

    $result["categories"][-1] = '';
    $result["fields"][-1] = array(); // or even worse $result["fields"][0] = array(); lol

    So, the remaining problem (at least currently) is the display of profile fields without content on the profile pages. Could you give me some hints here?

  • P.P.S: came across another issue with showing/not showing the new fields on the register page. I tried to configure it both with

    $system_field->setMetaData('show_on_register', 'yes');

    and alternatively wth

    $system_field->show_on_register = "yes";

    The fields get not displayed on the register page regardless. Only when I let any of the Elgg core default profile fields to be displayed on the register page my profile fields get displayed, too. But then all fields get displayed regardless of the show_on_register setting.

  • I had been further exploring this great plugin and in User Summary Control Settings I came accross 'Entity Menu'. Does anybody know where the fields you place as 'Entity Menu' appear on the site? What is 'Entity Menu'?


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