Profile Manager v7.3

Release Notes

7.3 (2012-03-15):

  • added: user summary control
  • added: rating field type
  • added: option to allow users to change their username
  • changed: info icons replaced with elgg default info icon
  • changed: version requirement to 1.8.1 to support info icon


  • Nice!  users can now change their username...  just what the doctor ordered. now all elgg needs is a 'forgot username' button and viola.  recomended and thanks muchly!

  • How can I change programmatically the value of a custom user field?? I can only "read" value, not "write" it, from PHP code. Thx!!

  • @theshadowmaker do you mean the value of the user? You can set that with $user->metadata_name = value;

  • I just added some extra Custom Field, named "disease", and I want something like


    $user->disease = 'My Rare Disease';


    Searched in Profile Manager API but not found anything... thx for help!! :)

  • I'm so sorry, stupid boy I am. @Jeroen you pointed me in the right direction. Sorry for flooding comments in your wonderful plugin with such a dumb n00b questions :)

  • Tks @Jeroen Dalsem!! The rating fields helped a lot ;)


  • Jerone

    Thanks for your excellent plugin. I had a question on usage of your plugin. I have two types of users and corresponding to each type of user I have defined specific profile types. Each profile types has its corresponding fields and categories.

    Profile type is assigned to user by the administrator and I do not want the users to change their profile type. So in profile_manager's plugin settings section "Edit Profile" I have set "Who can change the profile type?" to "Admin only".

    However when a user edit their profile they see fields and categories for all the profile types not just the one for their assigned profile type. This seems like a bug. Can you clarify.




  • @Jeroen Dalsem

    The profile manager over rules the custom index page. Where can i change the <div> for the frontpage. So i can have a good straight frontpage.

  • This Plugin is really a good addition.

    There is one issue I find most limiting at the moment (and hardest to get around)..

    When a field is not editable by the user, it is also not editable by Admin. So noone can edit it. This seems wrong. There is a reason why someone is admin. No? Also, the title of that field option is "User can edit this field". It makes sense to allow Admin to edit it (especially with that title). Any easy way to fix that?

    Cheers and thanks again for taking the time to develop this plugin.

  • OK. I have edited the source [mod/profile_manager/views/default/forms/profile/edit.php] and changed line 272 from

                                    if(($field->user_editable == "no")) {


                                    if(($field->user_editable == "no") && (!elgg_is_admin_logged_in())) { //!!!Edited by Pidgin 2012-03-27: admin login allows edit on user-protected fields

    Strangely, it worked without me needing to change the "save" as well. This means that either:

    1) Save already checks if admin is trying to save user-protected fields


    2) There is a bug, and anyone can change user-protected fields if they know the field name. Could be a security breach.

    @Jeroen Dalsem - Thought?

  • Hello, this is exact the plug in I want. It's really cool.

    However, could any one tell me how can I internationalize the profile. I implement 3 languages in my site and I would like the label can show the language selected by users. I read the guide shows in the pop-up dialogue box but cannot understand. Thank you very much.

  • Go to the mods directory. in it, go to the profile_manager directory. and then into languages. You will see there a en.php file. you can copy it to a new language and translate it. More info about it here:

    Also, you can put the titles of all the fields in the per-language files. But note then, you MUST leave the title of the fields empty. Only then, it will use the titles you place in the language files. When doing so, if for example you created a field called 'FavoriteMovie', you need to put the following line in the language file (for example, in english):

    'profile:FavoriteMovie' => "My favorite movie",

    Naturally, you need to put this line in all the language files in that directory, each with the localized title (instead of the "My favorite movie" part)


  • @pidgin the non-editable fields serve the purpose of fields not being able to edit through the front end. The fields then should be maintained by another plugin or by a backend system. So it is by choice that an admin also can't change the field.

    @a4animesh i will look into this as it sounds like a bug

  • @a4animesh did you link the categories to the related profile types? Because on my test setup it works fine. Only the fields and categories show for the profile type of the user. If the user has a default profile type i wont see the other tabs (if they are linked to a specific profile type)

  • Hi Pidgin, Thank you very much. It works!!

    And please allow me to ask one more question: Do you know how I can setup the multilanguage options in pulldown, radio and multiselect? Thank s again!!

  • @jeroen Yes I linked categories to the profile types, I am using your most recent release. In the plugin setting I had set the "How to show the 'edit profile' screen" to "List". I can reproduce the problem. If the setting is "Tabbed" then it shows correctly. However when I use firebug, I see that even when setting is "Tabbed" the HTML generated has all the categories. I think using javascript manipulation only the relevant category from HTML is shown.


    I also checked the code in the call to functions.php#profile_manager_get_categorized_fields all the categories are returned not just the ones that are associated with user's profile type.

    I will debug more but this looks like a bug.



  • Gracias por el gran aporte Jeroen!!!! Una pregunta cuando intento crear un perfil y le digito el nombre me sale el siguiente error "No name or an invalid name provided for the Custom Profile Type".

    Y se debe a que el nombre del perfil lo coloco con espacios. Cómo puedo arreglar esto?

    Gracias por su ayuda!

  • Jeroen, i´ve tried to install the pluigin but i get this mistake: event_manager_V2.0.2 (guid: 87) cannot start and has been deactivated. Reason: Cannot include start.php for plugin event_manager_V2.0.2 (guid: 87) at C:/xampp/htdocs/myfansick/mod/event_manager_V2.0.2.

    how i can fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Lovely plugin... I have a problem & i dont know where i made a mistake... for birthday option i used datepicker (profile manager style) but i am not able to give any input to the field.... during registration process as well as during editing the profile.. 


  • everything works fine.. its an awesome plugin... i just get this error alone... I dont know where i made mistake.... I made calender for birthday date input.. i am able to give input but when i view my profile near birthdate i get this error & then my output is displayed.... 

    Deprecated in 1.8: output/calendar was deprecated in favor of output/date Called from [#9] /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/engine/lib/views.php:503
  • Jeroen

    I added a field birthdate to profile fields of type pm_datepicker. When I set the field in Edit Profile as let's 1/1/2012 it gets recorded as "Sun Jan 01 2012 12:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)"

    In View Profile it shows the long string ""Sun Jan 01 2012 12:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)" and when I edit the profile again the value does not show up as it can not format it back.

    How can I fix this? I do not need to store the date in long form is there a way to configure it.




  • Hi,

    I have recently installed this plugin and get the following error message when trying to edit a new profile.

    "array_key_exists() [<a href='function.array-key-exists'>function.array-key-exists</a>]: The second argument should be either an array or an object" in file ..\mod\profile_manager\views\default\forms\profile\edit.php (line 180)

    Has anyone seen this error before?

    It seems as though the code at line 180 expects values to be passed in before it switched the profile to edit mode, however, new users do not have values in the profile.

    is there a way around this? Maybe by putting default values in - i dont know how to do this :/

    Thanks in advance

  • Is there possible for users to select there profile type in registry field...

  • sorry... I did not see my register page.. so i was asking such a stupid question.... profile type is diplaying in registry field... i want to remove default profile type in the profile type selection...

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