Profile Manager v7.1

Release Notes

7.1 (2012-02-20):

  • changed: cleanup deprecated Profile Manager code (Members Search and NoIndex)
  • changed: more code is now using the latest Elgg 1.8 functions
  • changed: moved version history to CHANGES.txt
  • fixed: default category should not be shown if there is only the default category on edit profile
  • fixed: incorrect check for unique metadatanames
  • fixed: configuration backup did not export blank_available option
  • fixed: multiselect not working correctly (updated to latest version)
  • Hey Jeroen Dalsem thanks for the update!

    Been waiting for it! btw when will those known issues be fixed?

  • @Flexx which known issue? they are no real bugs, but more or less reminders for certain behaviour

  • Was just reffering to what  you wrote :)

  • Is there a way to define profile fields within the code of another plugin or would it be possible to introduce plugin hooks to be able to do so? What I would like to do is to port the celebrations plugin to Elgg 1.8. The current version defines its own profile fields for birthday, celebration days etc. This works fine when not using the profile manager plugin, but it's currently not possible to use the profile manager plugin together with the celebrations plugin. I would like to include a check within the celebrations plugin to look for the profile manager plugin. In case the profile manager plugin is enabled, it would define the profile fields to be used within the profile manager plugin context (to be able to do so a plugin hook would be useful). Only if the profile manager plugin is not available the celebrations plugin would define its profile fields in the already implemented way.

  • @iionly this should currently be possible. I think there are two ways for your situation. The main problem is (i guess) that when both plugins available the fields used for the celebrations are no longer present on the profile edit form.

    You could probably solve this by adding the fields programmatically (create the custom profile field objects). Another way, probably the cleanest is using the plugin hook for extending the categorized profile fields. The function "profile_manager_get_categorized_fields" triggers this plugin hook.

    $result = elgg_trigger_plugin_hook("categorized_profile_fields", "profile_manager", $hook_params, $result);

    This hook allows you to extend the available profile fields for editing and/or viewing on a profile. For an example you can checkout the "profile_manager_categorized_profile_fields_hook" function that extends the profile fields (only when viewing) with admin data.

  • if under configuration "How to show the 'edit profile' screen= Tabbed"  

    1- Multiselect only works under "Default" category,  it doesn't work when it is placed under a different category.

    2- With several "Profile Types" (eg Users and Admins), after selecting the User profile as default for new users,  when a user register he is set as default type instead of User profile type.


    Thanks for the update  :)

  • @akaxunux i've fixed the first issue, but can't reproduce the second. Could you test again?

  • Hello, can you help? I'm trying to activate this plugin on our site and whenever I send a fatal error when trying to enter. We are usingpurity_them and elgg 1.8.3

    Thank you.

    Translated with google translator

  • @eloy is there more information about the fatal error? Do you have them also if you are using the plugins separately?

  • Thanks Jeroen. Yep. the profile fields are no longer visible when activating the profile manager plugin. Additionally, the data entered into the celebrations plugin profile fields (e.g. birth date) were no longer there after disabling the profile manager plugin again (though I need to test further why this happened exactly). I would like to avoid the necessity to create the profile fields manually if anyway possible, so I will try your second suggestion.

  • Hello, Dalsem, please respond and do so quickly. Disable purity_themand persists fatal error message.

  • @iionly,

    You need to import the default profile fields... from configure>appearance>edit profile fields ..

  • @Eloy:

    "Persiste mensaje de error fatal" no hay suficiente información - para Jeroem para ayudarle.
    Debe describir con más detalle - el error!
    Y luego utilizar el traductor de Google para publicar sus comentarios aquí.


  • @Satheesh: that does not work in this case as the profile fields of the celebrations plugin are not included in the default profile fields when imported.

  • @eloy try to get more info about the fatal error. You can set display_errors in the htaccess file or check your webserver log files

    @iionly maybe i could add an other import button to the profile field configuration that imports fields based on elgg_get_config("profile_fields") instead of a predefined list of fields. Only problem is that this won't solve the issue in all situations and will still require a manual import every time a new plugin is installed to check if it provides some new fields, so that is also not the best solution.


    Hi @Jeroen, thanks for the quick reply:

    1- If you can point me out how to fix the 1st issue would be great, or let me know where I can download the update from.

    2- The second issue, I have 2 "Profile Types": "Client" and "Admin" with diffetent categories and fields for each one. In configuration "Default profile type on registration form"  is set as "Client". If "How to show the 'edit profile' screen" = "List" everyting is ok, after registration the user profile is set as "Client" with its categories and fields, but if "How to show the 'edit profile' screen" = "Tabbed" after registration the user profile is wrongly set as "Default" instead of "Client".    If you want I can send you by private the login info to my site so you can reproduce it easily.  


  • @akaxunux

    1) you can download it from or wait until i release a new version here on the community

    2) i think you solved it yourself; the default profile type is only for the registration form, not for the edit profile. Edit profile should show the current set value for profile type. If a user has no type selected, it will be default.

  • @Jeroen

    1)thanks for the link

    2) I understand that, but once a profile type is set in registration why it keep changing with "Tabbed" edit profile? Let me show you again:

    Two profile types = "Client" and "Admin"

    "Default profile type on registration form" = "Client", so the profile of everyone who register is set as "Client"

    Who can change the profile type? "Admin only"

    If "How to show the 'edit profile' screen" = "List", when a user register and go to "edit profile" the profile type is "Client" - Correct

    If "How to show the 'edit profile' screen" = "Tabbed", when a user register and go to "edit profile" the profile type is "Default" - Wrong

  • @Jeroen: thanks for the feedback. I haven't had the time to look into the profile field creation more thoroughly yet, both within the bundled profile plugin and the profile manager code. It might also take a bit longer until I will have the time unfortunately. When I know better how the creation of profile fields is done within the code of these plugins I might know better how to do it best within the celebrations plugin and if there might already be an easy way to combine celebrations and profile manager plugins. I will surely test out the options you suggested and might contact you again when I know more about possible problems or maybe even a possible solution already.

  • I have created some catagories and some field for them. At first everything seems fine, but now I found out, that the catagories and the Informations only can viewed by admins or the member, who have created it. Other members only can see the "about me", all custom fields informations don't show up. (There is no problem on "edit profile"-page)

    What I've to change so that everybody can see the informations?

    I am using elgg 1.8.1 and Profile Manager 7.1

  • @tobi: try to fill out the fields on edit profile, if they are empty they dont show up on the profile, also if you have more than one profile type make sure you set the right one for each user. Check the field settings eg "Admin only field:" = No. Make sure you drag the fields into the target category. Or maybe you are using another plugin which override the profile-manager plugin fields. 

  • Thank you for this great plugin !

    I've added a radio field and got this error :
    Deprecated in 1.8: $vars['options'] must be an associative array in input/radio

    I'm using elgg 1.8.3 and Profile manager 7.1

    Do you know how to fix it ?

    Thanks in advance 

  • @akaxunux:

    Ok - it seems to be a problem with my registration page.

    I want the user to choose the profile type on the registration page, so I have done the following:


     <input type="radio" name="custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_type"  id="custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_typeARTIST"  value="<?php echo ARTIST_ID;?>"> Artist

    <input type="radio" name="custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_type"  id="custom_profile_fields_custom_profile_typeFAN"  value="<?php echo FAN_ID;?>"> Fan

    So there are two types. The ARTIST- and the FAN ID are the Ids, which are set in the database. When I look on the profile after regsitration, it shows the right profile-type, but it does not show the informations of the fields (I have put some infos in there befor). When I change the profile type with the profile-manager function the Informations comes up.

    So how can I get the choose for profil-types on the registration-page correctly (I don't need the default type)?

    Or what is the right way to set the profil-type correcty to the database?

  • Guys... where do i go to 

    REQUIRE PROFILE PHOTO for all new registered users?


    bob wan kim

  • @Art Director... Admin > Settings > Profile Manager 

    First setting - Add mandatory profile icon input field on register form YES/NO

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