Profile Manager v7.0

Release Notes

7.0 (2011-12-1):

  • added: plugin setting for positioning of "About me" (above or below profile fields; default below)
  • changed: updated dutch translation
  • fixed: support for new page_handler requirements Elgg 1.8.1
  • Looks like the jquery dropdown requires jquery.js

    <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $vars['url'];?>mod/profile_manager/vendors/dropdown-check-list.0.5/jquery.js"></script>

  • I've noticed that "Show the profile manager 'Members' search page" is "Currently Unavailable". It wasn't on earlier version/s.

    will this become available again at any point?



  • @mario i will look into it for the next release

    @stumpy we will probably release a separate search plugin which will provide the member search features

  • @jeroen  Thanks for the reply, and the awesome plugin.  much appreciated

  • Nudeler2


    Thanks for this great plugin.

    I have created a Date of birth-field in profiles.

    I would like to know where to change the date-format?


  • Great plugin! Really makes elgg much more usable for individual sites. Thanks.

    Looking forward to release of search plugin.

  • I need some assistance with a layout issue with Profile Manager 7 in Elgg 1.8.3. I need to have the new fields beside the default form. When I first installed it, the new fields were displayed as expected.  Now, even when I set it to be beside the default form, it shows under it instead, indented 50 pixels.  I have flushed caches, clicked upgrade, even deleted Profile Manager and reinstalled it. I have tried disabling a few other layout-related plugins, and even with those deactivated this layout problem persists.

    Has anyone else had this issue and found a way to correct it?

  • Hi

    I'm trying to find what .css file is used for the pm_datepicker.  If somebody could tell me what one it is that would be a great help

    thanks in advance


  • @Jeroen

    I was wondering how I might go about fetching value from your plugin to pass to another plugin etc

    What I mean is to fecth a var from elgg

    $user = "$user->name";

    I've added gender to profile manager and i'm trying to fetch that data.

    would you mind telling me how that's done or maybe a code example?

    thanks in advance


  • @Stumpy if you have created a profile field with the metadata name "gender", you should be able to retrieve the information link this:

    $gender = $user->gender;

    Just as easy :)

  • ahhh so that';s metadata lol my terminology's way off.  i'm a beginer if you couldn't tell lol

    but anyway that's awesome thanks muchly

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Any news about the "multiselect" issue?

    Im using v 1.8 and multiselect doesnt update its estate.

    How/Where can I change the code to solve it?

    I have been looking around the code with not sucess.

    Regards and thanks for the plugin!! :)

  • I have read in another post from Mario about:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $vars['url'];?>mod/profile_manager/vendors/dropdown-check-list.0.5/jquery.js"></script>

    Where should I place that code? Is it the solution?


  • Hi Jeroen, I love your plugin! Is there any news of the advanced search functionality? Currently making a social media website for a university and would love to have the feature of entering list of criteria such as gender, subject, interest in one single search. Thanks!

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