Profile Manager v7.0

Release Notes

7.0 (2011-12-1):

  • added: plugin setting for positioning of "About me" (above or below profile fields; default below)
  • changed: updated dutch translation
  • fixed: support for new page_handler requirements Elgg 1.8.1
  • @jeroen wow your new plugin seems to be amazing.

    when you release it?? 

  • Thanks for this plugin. After activating it in elgg 1.8.1 the group description portion in the groups does not show. Is this a bug? I have tried different settings and the only thing that brings the group description bank is to deactivate the plugin. Please advise.



  • @hleroy i think you need to import the group fields into the profile manager configuration. Goto "Configure Group Profile Fields" in the admin section and choose "Import default" to import the default group fields.

  • Thanks it worked. An excellent plugin.

  • First... i really want to tank you Jeroen Dalsem! I was really suffering trying to edit manually the default profile form. Your plugin works like a charm!

    There's only one issue that i think it must be fixed... here it is:

    The "multiselect" type of field has an error. When an user chooses a sort amount of options for the profile, and later if he wants to edit those options. He can add some more, but couldn't remove any options selected before...

    Is that an issue?, Or i'm doing something wrong?

    Everything else works perfect!
    Thanks Again! 

  • Hello, anybody has an idea how to set a (custom-) profile field in Brackets behind the User Name on the Members List?

    E.g. a mandatory field "Organisation" to display the Organisation for each Member in the Members List.


  • I'm having the same problem with multiselect.

    Everything else is perfect.

  • Hello this is an excellent plugin but I have a problem when I activate the group icons and photo albums disappear it can be? I am working with elgg1.8.1

    Thanks for your reply.

    Google translator.

  • Make sure none of your files have a return before <?php


    Que tal , felicitaciones por este excelente aporte…

    Al modificar el formulario de registro, e insertar nuevos datos…en que parte de la base se datos queda grabados.

    O hay que crear una nueva tabla.

    Agradesco sus comentarios.


    Hello, congratulations for this excellent contribution ...
    By changing the registration form, and insert new data ... that part of the data base is recorded.
    Or should you create a new table.
    Agradesco comments.

  • Hi your plugin is very useful, I had a question on how to validate the custom fields. I added a new registration field for birthdate that I would like to restrict to min 18 years of age. I see some referene to js validation in code but not sure how to use it. Any help is appreciated

  • I am having problems adding types of profiles. I getr a message saying "No name or Invalid Name for sutom Profile type" when I use the configure: edit profile section in 1.8.1 admin section. Please advise, Thanks.

  • Great plugin, Jeroen. Recommended. I noticed one small issue with version 7.0 running on Elgg 1.8.1: when creating a backup from profile fields, the subsequent import will loose the information about pulldowns having an empty option. No biggie, though, just wanted to let you know.

  • This might be a stupid question, but when i enabled the plugin, all profile stuff disappeared except for "My display name". I turned it off and on and played around with it, but it didnt help. Have i forgotten something?

  • @kapten kalas after activating the plugin, go to "Appearance / Edit Profile Fields". There should be an option to import the default profile fields. That should restore the "normal" situation, but you be able to do much more with the fields and add extra fields.

  • Thanks. I totally missed it. I have a new question though. What are the syntax for the name, label, and hint (when you add profile fields)? I get error messages about metaname and fatal error.

  • Hi, Jeroen,


    Just wonder if the "search plugin" is under the developing plan? It will be a great add-on for the searching functionality after adding some customize fields. Thanks.

  • @jeroen Fixed dunno how with new 7.0 no-beta, thx :)

  • @ Jereon:

    Thanks for the plugin. I just installed it on Ver. 1.8.2 and activated it. I did the configuration, but I can't find the Profile Fields link in the Admin where I can start creating the profile. Any help please.

    Thank you.




  • @vantel you should be able to find it under Appearance -> Edit Profile Fields

  • elgg 1.8.3:

    click on Categories-->edit, and here:

    Deprecated in 1.8: $vars['options'] must be an associative array in input/checkboxes Called from [#8] Z:\home\elgg183.c...
  • Getting this error with version 1.8.3
    Deprecated in 1.8: input/pulldown was deprecated by input/dropdown Called from [#9] /home/xfile/public_html/engine/lib/views.php:503

  • @ Jeroen

    I found it. Mervlous! Thanks very much for the prompt reply.

  • @Jeroen,

    I have problems with using the metadata_type of multiselect. Updating selections from the multi-select are not occuring when a user visits his/her updated profile on elgg. 

    Example, I've listed options (one,two,three) within the multiselect. When i've selected all of them and saved, then when go back to the profile to select (one and three). The updates doesnt occur.


    Any thoughts? Thanks

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


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