Profile Manager v7.0 beta

Release Notes

Be advised!: This is a beta version. Please report any bugs you encounter. This version only works on Elgg 1.8 (or higher)

7.0 beta (2011-09-26):

  • added: support for 1.8 (multiple changes)
  • added: multilingual support for field hints ("profile:hint:<fieldname>")
  • changed: admin profile fields add forms now open in a lightbox
  • changed: layout of admin pages
  • removed: !! IMPORTANT !! temporarily disabled the use of the Profile Manager member search
  • removed: !! IMPORTANT !! temporarily removed the 'file' field type
  • removed: admin profile type stats page
  • removed: widget index_login (obsolete)
  • removed: full profile link and page
  • removed: river cleanup function for avatar crop (obsolete)
  • removed: river cleanup function for profile updates (obsolete)
  • removed: login by email pam handler (and core action) (obsolete)
  • removed: request new password by email (hope to see it end up in core trac #3843)
  • removed: register by email only functionality (probably temporarily)
  • removed: marking a user (at the admin user add form) as validated (obsolete)


  • Hi

    I am on 1.8.1b and added profile manager from latest download from github about two weeks ago

    when I try to import custom fields it just shows the error 'No custom fields available for import'
    doesnt give me the option to browse or select the file to import.

    any ideas? I had a search on google but couldnt see anyone else with the same prob


  • @mdkberry the "custom" fields are the custom profile fields defined with the default profile field manager of elgg. There is no way to import field configuration from a custom file or something.

  • Hi,

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong... But I'm not able to create new categories, nor profile types. When I try to create a category a weird code shows up on the screen:




    \n\t\t\tAdd a new category\t\t\t<\/span>\n\t\t<\/h3>\n\t<\/div>\n\t

    \nName:\n<\/td>\n \n <\/td>\n<\/tr>\n



    How can I fix this?




  • Hi GeorgeB. I have the same problem, buy I supossed that it's because it has been reported to have problems with elgg 1.8.1. Are you using this version?

    Anyhow, if someone could help or has any idea how to avoid this problem before the next version of the plugin arrives, it would be very appreciated.

  • Hi,

    that's the version I'm using... 

  • ok thanks Jeroen,

    next question, how do I hide profile types and remove the 'default' profile type from the registration page. I currently have default/male/female as my profile types but also administrator is a type which I dont want seen or selected by a new user.


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