Profile Manager v6.1.1

Release Notes


  • fixed: several depricated notices for elgg_extend_view in start.php

6.1 (2011-05-20):

  • added: admin option to select the default profile type for register page
  • added: admin option to show profile type on a users profile page (default on)
  • changed: more efficient loading of profile field labels in translation
  • changed: styling of profile type selection on registration page
  • fixed: no spacing between left and right column on register form
  • fixed: only show tabcontainer on register form if tabs are configured
  • removed: compatibility with accordion on profile for Elgg version < 1.7

    6.0 (2011-05-06):

  • added: js validation of mandatory registration fields (account + custom profile fields)
  • added: option to login (and register) with email address, fallback to username
  • added: request password by email address (if login by email is set)
  • added: support for index_login widget of Widget Manager
  • added: river cleanup on profile icon update (only one river item)
  • added: river cleanup on profile update (only one river item per 12 hours)
  • added: terms url (if configured a terms agree checkbox appears on the registration form)
  • added: free text to be displayed on the registration form
  • added: support for tabbed categories on register form (determined by edit profile display type == tabbed)
  • changed: layout of registration page
  • changed: moved functions, events, hooks and run_once code to lib files
  • changed: improved stickyness of registration form
  • fixed: register form fields now depend on selected profile type

    5.9.3 (2011-05-03):

  • changed: update datepicker js to 4.0.5
  • changed: pm_datepicker no longer stores as timestamp but in UTC/GMT/Zulu time to circumvent timezone issue's
  • changed: member search limited to current site only (when using multisite setups)
  • fixed: php warning invalid arguments foreach in input/multiselect
  • fixed: multiselect can now also handle options_values

NOTE:The dateformat of the datepicker has changed (v5.9.3). This could mean some compatibility issue's with plugins who rely on timestamp date profile fields.

Profile Manager 6.0 replaces the registration page. This could conflict with other plugins that replace the registration page. Please test before using in production.



  • Is it possible to use it to create different membership-levels?

    I need to create a-members and b-members and only a-members can access some groups and show some informations.


  • Is there any chance to use it in Elgg 1.8?

  • Nice Plugn Just Have One Prob, I am using Ver 1.7 with Seashells Theme and the login box drops down and under top_menu Bar and on home index page it drops down under another menu. How Can I Change the Look of the Login Box to Be Horizontal.   You can see what i mean on home page of site.


  • I ran across a problem when using multiselects.  If I select multiple values when editing my profile, it works fine.  If I edit again and deselect any of the options previously selected, the checkbox turns off but the previously selected options stay in the comma delimited list at the top of the multiselect list.  Is there a way I can fix this?

    I tried just disabling the use of jquery for this and just use a regular checkbox group but that's not so simple since the options need to be converted into a comma-delimited string before writing to the database as the jquery method does.

  • I just want to say... great plugin! thanks for uploading.

  • Hello! 

    First of all thanks for the plugin. On the other hand, is it possible to change the created group field position?, I need to put at the end, what file would need to change? Thanks in advance. I use elgg 1.8

  • @ jeroen Great plugin mate. The elgg API is great but it's profile form configuration definatetly needed some modification I am hoping to add some jquery on the form to make it more flexible to user options. Thanks for the plugin will be testing on 1.8

  • I have added a new field birthday (pm_datepicker) to profile. Now i want to get that birthday in riverdashboard i am trying to use elgg_get_entity().

    but this doesn't work. please help


  • bumping what morepower said about the multiselects...having same issue here.

    latest elgg 1.7 and lastest recommended 6.1.1 across all browsers

    thanks for the great plugin

  • when new full version for elgg 1.8 released

  • Hi!, I have a problem with 7.0 beta version in elgg 1.8, when i add a profile field then the edit form crashes and looks like:

    Can anyone help me?


  • @Javier try to enable display_errors (can be done in htaccess or in developer tools in the admin backend) and check if you get a error message. If so, could you post it here?

  • Hello Jeroem, this is the error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_admin_logged_in() in /var/www/elgg/mod/profile_manager/views/default/forms/profile/edit.php on line 47

    On the other hand, take the opportunity to ask you: can i change the width of a new group profile field?, type longtext. The idea is to fill the entire width of the group river.

    Thank you!!

  • The function is_admin_logged_in() is no longer available in Elgg 1.8. It's now elgg_is_admin_logged_in(). It should work by just replacing the name of the function.

  • Hey I have a slight problem when users sign up for my site. Not sure if it is related to this plugin. When a user registers for the site. The content entered into the "About Me" section somehow gets forced to lower case after registration approved. When you log in and look at your profile everything got reduced to lower case. I Can edit the profile again and make it right, but annoying for users to have to do this after they already did. Anyone else see this? Is this related to this plugin possibly?

  • hello,

    while trying latest git version of profile manager on elgg, i encounter the above reported problem with multiselect. Only the label text and access dropdown is presented.  The firebug shows following error while loading the page:

    $("#mymulti1").dropdownchecklist is not a function

    also the page loading briefly stops after the multiselect label is displayed, and it takes a while after the rest of the page is loaded.  I have investigated the html source, and it looks like the page is trying to load ui.dropdownchecklist.css  and  dropdown-check-list.0.5/ui.core.js javascripts directly after label. Is that expected behaviour or should they be in the <head> ?

    thank you



  • Hi

    I am on 1.8.1b and just adding profile manager latest download from github

    when I try to import custom fields it just shows the error 'No custom fields available for import'
    doesnt give me the option to browse or select the file to import.

    any ideas? I had a search on google but couldnt see anyone else with the same prob


  • @Jeroem.  Just like to add my vote to seeing your plugin fully working under V1.8.  It was why I selected Elgg during a review of Social systems some while back (on V1.7 admittedly.) My society has finnaly decided to go ahead with it and I'll implement a 1.8 system.   I know it's tough developing this stuff and holding down a full time job as well so cudos to you.  If you can give some sort of time frame for when you think plugin will be ready for production use in 1.8, that would be very helpful.  On the other hand, if you need help in testing it, let me know and I'll be happy to help.  I'm running Linux based systems with FFX and Chrome browsers for development.


    Kind regards


  • Guys.. where do i go to REQUIRE new users to upload profile pictures?!??!

    im lost in 1.8... though i LOVE IT!

  • I'm finding some problems with this plug in on Elgg 1.8. For example when I click on the "Edit profile fields" button on the administration panel I get forwarded to the dashboard page... :|

    Is there any update? I think it can be an excellent plug-in also for Elgg 1.8 (if it works with) ;)

  • @jeroen - As always, thank you very much for an exceptional plugin. After testing, I am having a few issues that I don't see mentioned here (1.8.1/latest (12/1) github version))...If users have previously populated their "About/Brief Description) information, prior to enabling the plugin, there is no way to keep that information from showing. No other previous information comes through, only the "About" and there is not way to edit that information after the plugin is enabled (i.e. with the "default" profile selected. Maybe I am missing something, but I can't see a way to add "default" content and have it stick. Regards,


  • Sir, I am new to elgg and has nil knowledge with any of the programming languages. have been working with joomla and wordpress last 4 years with paid and free modules. Now, I have installed profile manager  and have enabled it (local server - xampp). i have been trying to create a profile field but the "Additional options" is not active at all. Please help and suggest to make this work.

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