Profile Manager v6.1.1

Release Notes


  • fixed: several depricated notices for elgg_extend_view in start.php

6.1 (2011-05-20):

  • added: admin option to select the default profile type for register page
  • added: admin option to show profile type on a users profile page (default on)
  • changed: more efficient loading of profile field labels in translation
  • changed: styling of profile type selection on registration page
  • fixed: no spacing between left and right column on register form
  • fixed: only show tabcontainer on register form if tabs are configured
  • removed: compatibility with accordion on profile for Elgg version < 1.7

    6.0 (2011-05-06):

  • added: js validation of mandatory registration fields (account + custom profile fields)
  • added: option to login (and register) with email address, fallback to username
  • added: request password by email address (if login by email is set)
  • added: support for index_login widget of Widget Manager
  • added: river cleanup on profile icon update (only one river item)
  • added: river cleanup on profile update (only one river item per 12 hours)
  • added: terms url (if configured a terms agree checkbox appears on the registration form)
  • added: free text to be displayed on the registration form
  • added: support for tabbed categories on register form (determined by edit profile display type == tabbed)
  • changed: layout of registration page
  • changed: moved functions, events, hooks and run_once code to lib files
  • changed: improved stickyness of registration form
  • fixed: register form fields now depend on selected profile type

    5.9.3 (2011-05-03):

  • changed: update datepicker js to 4.0.5
  • changed: pm_datepicker no longer stores as timestamp but in UTC/GMT/Zulu time to circumvent timezone issue's
  • changed: member search limited to current site only (when using multisite setups)
  • fixed: php warning invalid arguments foreach in input/multiselect
  • fixed: multiselect can now also handle options_values

NOTE:The dateformat of the datepicker has changed (v5.9.3). This could mean some compatibility issue's with plugins who rely on timestamp date profile fields.

Profile Manager 6.0 replaces the registration page. This could conflict with other plugins that replace the registration page. Please test before using in production.



  • Hi Jeroen,

    Sorry to ask again but i just need clarification. I thought it may have been fixed in this release.

    When i choose to "select profile type by Admin", on the profile page of the user it will indeed only show the fields specfic to that profile type but the user can see all the categories of all the profile types in their edit profile page.

    They can fill in the information but it wont show as their profile type wont match but I dont think they should be able to see the categories as they wont show. Is this just the way it is on is it a bug?



  • Excellent plugin by the way :)

  • @ciaran i recall your previous comment/question about this issue. I think it is a bug and will add it to my todo list, so i won't forget to fix it for the next version. Thnx for reporting.

  • Hi Jeroen Dalsem,

    If a new profile field was created using your plugin. For example Name: F_name Label: First Name.

    How would you go to displaying this on an empty page or just extracting the information the user has given?



  • Hi Elgg guys,

           When i am searching members in profile_manages using simple search. I got the error

    "Query execution was interrupted"

    Guide me to fix the issues.




  • You're in luck  - help is here
    and.. this is not an Elgg or PlugIn problem ;-)


  • Ola anyone anything about the plugs eCompanies.
    That leaves only the pro site adds managed companies?

  • Hi,
    someone have try to modify this plugin for 1.8 Beta 1 ?
    Because I've test it and it dosen't work :(

  • Hi Jeroen Dalsem,

    i get this error "query execution was interrupted" ,  i used simple search for more than 7 fields and some of this has multiselect too when i tried to select more filter (simple search) in the left sidebar, the query goes long and its not optimized i think so, and this shows the error i said "query execution was interrupted", is there is any good idea to optimize the mysql query you coded.


    Thanks in advance


  • Hi jeroen, 

    Continued from the last message, you can see this link how this query goes long 



  • Hi 

    great plug in 

    on on register error with name for some members who try to register... error mark invalid name ???

    Thanks in advance

  • I have Elgg 1.7.1 and Profile Manager 5.7 (cannot upgrade any of them now).


    My problem is that only admin users can see the profile info. The rest of the users see their full profile only, and get picture + widgets when accesing other users' profiles (none of the custom fields are displayed). 

    Any ideas?



  • Hello, Thank you for the plugin. How do I create a age verification on my registration page?

  • How did you get the categories to be a pull down feature on the seen in the images..I am stumpt..thank you

  • ok, I created new profile field but it is not showing on profile!!! only default fields are showing...

    It shows it in Edit Profile page but not on profile itself.

    I have no theme and only default plugins enabled.

    Using fresh Elgg 1.7.10

    Anyone have same issue? fix?


  • @kenny i think you mean the accordion view. You change it in the plugin settings

    @elgglover did you enter some data in the field? Only fields with information in them will show up on the profile.

  • @elgglover I am also seeing the same issue as yours, I am using Elgg 1.7.1

  • @elgglover After enabling/disabling the plugin I can see the fields. Also fields needs to have some value to show up on profile page

  • @Jereon How do I use language translations for new fields that I have added.  Example: I have defined a field 'Gender' as a radio button with values (male, female).

    I would like to use the language file and specifiy label, hint and the values (male, female)  from the language file. In the language file I have specified

    'profile:gender' => 'Gender'


  • Hi and thank you very much for a great plugin.

    I just have one little issue: eversince using this plugin, after user submits registration form, system message doesn't come up, informing him/her that registration was successful. Not sure if I did anything wrong or overlooked something.

    Thanx in advance

  • Hi

    I am using V5.9 of this great plugin - can I simply install this version over the top of it and retain all existing custom fields and data?

    By the way, were you aware that under 5.9 when a user edits their profile all pulldowns that they don't amend revert to the first value in the list?  Is this bug fixed in this version?


  • while creating profile type in register page its showing up correctly

  • Hi i have seen that you register new field types

    register_custom_field_types in start.php

    I like to add a custom field (link for skype name)

    i added this to start.php

    add_custom_field_type("custom_profile_field_types", 'skype', elgg_echo('skype'), $profile_options);

    but where can i set the link option to show it as <a href="skype:skypename?call">skypename</a>


    Thx for your reply

  • Hi Jeroen, will this plugin be supported for all the future versions of Elgg?  because it is just a great plugin and it's important to have an idea of its future before stop using default profiles. Thanks!



  • I can't seem to get the MultiSelect option to work. It shows up on profiles but the options for that created field won't appear on profiles or registration forms?

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