Profile Manager v5.9.2

Release Notes

5.9.2 (2011-04-14):

  • changed: layout of admin settings
  • fixed: major bug in registration form fields not being created with default access (database fix included)
  • fixed: prevent sql injection by sanitising inputs in member search
  • fixed: invisible group access on group profile edit is not showing the correct values

5.9.1 (2011-03-01):

  • changed: moved admin profile fields to categorized_profile_fields hook
  • fixed: categorized_profile_fields hook only triggered when viewing profile
  • fixed: getTitle() error on categories in profile details
  • mdkberry,

    Try this:

    in views/default/input/pm_datepicker.php:

    after     $val = $vars['value']; (in line 39)


    if (!empty($val)) {
    $val = $val + 28800;

  • same proplem as mdkberry, i always get the -1 date in datepicker, i tried Jean Marcel guide but nothing happened.

    i'm live in the +7 zone, so what can i do now?

  • I have installed profile manager and managed some fields in back-end, but how can i access these attributes to show on public page. I tried to use $var['entity'] but it does seems to work with custom fields.

  • Hi Jeroen,

    thanks for this nice plugin. I had some trouble though when using e.g. bullet lists from TinyMCE in a longText attribute. The entries were somehwo duplicated in the normal profile-view in 1.7.9. I finally found the problem in


    where around line 19 the jquery selector was omitting these uls and lis. I replaced the line with the following code and it works so far:

    $('#profile_info_column_middle > *:not(.profile_info_edit_buttons,h2)').remove();

    This has not yet been tested for side-effects ... but might be usefull for somebody :)

  • @Jean

    tried that but still have the same problem. when I do a view source code of the DOB field, the unix date is showing -99572400 which is 5th Nov 1966 at 13:00 GMT. though I set the DOB to the 6th Nov 1966 in the profile field, so something still not right.

    my host server is in California. I am sat at a puter in Sydney.

    have run out of time to muck about with it today but will try to find out more about the time zone settings when I next get a chance.

    still welcoming suggestions on this from anyone...

  • ok. Well to compound the problem I had just migrated my Elgg site to a server in California instead of Sydney. Though I am still in Sydney administering the site.

    The first thing I found was that some migrated users now had the wrong DOB date (-1) . When I looked at the time logs I realised I was now working to -7 hours UTC. So I set the default time zone to Australia, Sydney at the top of the engine\start.php file and that sorted out all the dates except for ones pre- 1970 i.e. back to the problem I was having before I migrated.

    So I added the lines in from Jean Marcel written above but I still get -99572400 or 5th November 1966 at 13:00 when I should get 6th November. but when I removed the lines from Jean Marcel, then I still get the same figure.

    Here is the next odd thing - with the lines added into the file as suggested by Jean, when viewing the profile I see the wrong date, but when I go back to edit the profile and look at the DOB field it shows me the correct date.

    but with the lines removed from the php file, they both show me the wrong date, both viewing the profile field, and editing it.

    Is it possible that not only do I need to change it in the file suggested by Jean Marcel but also somewhere else so it then displays it correctly on the main profile view, not just the edit profile view.

    did that make sense?


  • ....the other annoying thing is that a lot of the images associated with profile icons and other things disappeared when I changed the time zone to Australia, Sydney from the server locale in California.

  • mdkberry,


    Let me give you another suggestion (not tested):

    in views/default/output/pm_datepicker.php, add in line 20:

    $val = $vars['value'];

    if (!empty($val)) {
    $val = $val + 28800;

  • Hi Jean,

    didnt work . I am taking this issue over to elgg techinal support group discussion so it no longer fills up space here on the plugin page. if you have any other suggestions please let me know there.

    thanks for your help so far.

  • hey J,

    im using elgg 1.7.9 and when i use your modu the "about me" section in lower part of the profile is gone.

    can you find me a way to back it?

  • Hi,

    Have a strange issue...

    When i run the plugin everything is fine until i choose to select profile type by Admin only.

    Once this is done and i choose a profile type for a user, it still lets the user see the other fields that are created for a different profile type.

    Ive tested this with a new user and they can see all the fields from two different profile types but when they fill in the data suggested in the fields, only the ones that relate to their profile type i selected show up.

    I dont want the user to be able to see the different profile type fields just the one i select. Is there anything i can do?



  • Oh using 1.7.4 by the way...

  • No matter what profile type (which contains a specfic category) i select as an admin for the user it still shows all the categories that i have created even though they dont relate to the specific profile type....Am i doing something stupid...i fear i am....

  • TSFI

    Hi, I installed this plugin, works well, and I created a datepicker field, and now when I try to delete the prev, today, and next buttons/links, the links are not gone, they come as "undefined". How do I completely delete the prev today next buttons/links?


  • Hi, this module sounds great, but I haven't able to use it, I am working on a 1.7.8, and I am getting the waring : Deprecated in 1.7: extend_view() was deprecated by elgg_extend_view()

    I am wonder if there is going to be an update of this module for the 1.7.x elggs version, that will be great, 

  • @andres if you mean 1.8 there will definitely be an update. If you mean 1.7.8, there should be no problem using this  plugin. You can turn of the deprecated notices in the site administration.

  • Jeron, only in comments under this version 3 people has asked about compatibility with celebratons module. I m the next one...

    As your module overrides the default profile view, we are not able to set birthday or anniversary date anymore. Can you help us with this topic?

  • @martinez unfortunately there is at the moment no other way to replace the profile fields, but Elgg 1.8 allows for a better extension of the profiel fields presentation, so i suspect that the compatibility with the celebrations plugin will be more easy to make in Elgg 1.8

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